Upgrade RAM to speed up PC?

  User-BDCEDE6F-B9BE-4B7A-91A901FEC5710802 00:13 17 May 2004

My PC is a 1.7GHz Celeron with 256MB of RAM running Windows XP.

It's never been particulary fast doing even simple things like opening applications and once I have 3 or 4 things running it really slows down.

Is upgrading the RAM likely to make a huge difference to the performance or is the (relatively) slow Celeron processor my main problem.

Any comments welcome...

  woodchip 00:16 17 May 2004

no you would be better with a new MOBO and a AMD-XP cpu of about 2.6 then it would fly

  BeForU 00:48 17 May 2004

If you have more RAM, you'll relatively just notice a slight increase in loading times and probably be able to run just a few extra programs at once. Better to do that then upgrade the whole computer altogther and waste money, unless you really want to.

  inneedofhelp 10:01 17 May 2004

The above is rubbish, windows xp itself needs at least 256mb ram to run at its best. If you then have other apps on top of that then it really slows it down. For examaple. my friend only has a 800mhz chip, however has 512mb ram and his pc ca easily play halo, granted he has a radeon 9200, but even with just word or excel, or even media player, the loading times are seconds. You know if u need more ram if you hard drive is always making a noise, even when ure not doing anything. This is cos windows is using the hardrive as 'virtual ram'. i would buy some ram if i were you

  Stuartli 10:16 17 May 2004

More RAM will prove very effective and cheaper than upgrading mobo, CPU etc.

I've only a Celeron 400MHz and 256MB of RAM, plus XP Pro, but installing an extra 128MB of RAM to bring it up to 256MB late last year made a noticeable difference. Originally it only had 64MB with Windows98SE.

In time I'll double that - the system as a whole does more than enough for what I require.

  inneedofhelp 14:28 17 May 2004

as above, ram is the way to go. If , after you have a decent amount of ram eg 512, then look at you cpu, mobo. Hopefully that wont be required.

  spencer boy 15:26 17 May 2004

Another path to look into (if the extra ram don't make much difference)is to see what processes are actually running in the background - escpecially if you are not running anything 'extensive'.

Download the usual spybot sd/ adaware/ cwshredder programs, update to latest versions and clear all those things that shouldn't be there. There migt be something that is deliberatey slowing up you system. Also download 'HijackThis' which when run gives a list of all process running. Put the output onto the thread and someone will check it out to see if something is running that shouldn't be. All can be accessed from click here

Might help??

  Legolas 15:44 17 May 2004

Doing as woodchip says would certainly make a big difference but if you don't want to spend too much money then doubling your RAM will probably give the best performance increase for your money.

  Totally-braindead 15:56 17 May 2004

If your PC does all you want it too, albeit a bit slow then go for the advice given about memory. If you double it to 512mb RAM it will help. There is no need to upgrade the motherboard CPU etc.

  Stuartli 16:47 17 May 2004

In XP if you do a Ctl+Alt+Del you will get the Task Manager panel up and see what is running - from the Processes tab you can check what is the level of activity.

Thanks for all your input/suggestions.

I'm don't pretend to be an expert but looking at the Task Manager etc, I can't see anything running that shouldn't be or anything that might be inhibiting performance. So for the moment I'll just upgrade the RAM to 512MB and see what improvement there is.

Will be back here looking for help if I'm not happy!!

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