Upgrade problems

  gerriecah 14:47 14 Apr 2007

I have an AMD Skt A Athlon 1.1 and have decided to upgrade, new mobo, new processor, But all my drives, and cards are of the PCI and IDE slots, can I get an upto date Mobo to support the drives and cards that I have, or do I get adapters to convert the sockets to PCI Express and hard drives to SATA. Or do I have to buy new cards and drives???

Any help appreciated.


  wee eddie 14:52 14 Apr 2007

You will also have to consider the anchor points on your old Case which may be unsuitable to a modern MOBO.

  gerriecah 15:46 14 Apr 2007

Thanks for your tip, but this does not present a problem. The case that I have is universal tower case. Mounting points galore and failing that i've got a drill.

Many thanks for your help


  wee eddie 16:21 14 Apr 2007

How much do you like the case, cos that's probably about all you can use with the latest MOBOs.

  gerriecah 18:02 14 Apr 2007

I presume by your reply that all the gear that I have is not transferable to an uptodate mobo. I accept that the PCI cards are only of use in a PCI slot, and I thought they were available on modern boards providing both PCI & PCI-E slots and that adapters are available for ATA/SATA drives. This was the information I was hoping for, but you seem to have squashed that line of thought. Otherwise, my line of upgrade is to buy a totally new outfit. That's not on.

Thanks for your response


  MAJ 18:33 14 Apr 2007

lol, I love it......... :)

  Technotiger 18:44 14 Apr 2007
  wjrt 18:50 14 Apr 2007

new pc
click here

includibg vista premium and 19" tft

  MAJ 18:50 14 Apr 2007

Most, if not all new boards will have PCI slots, your PCI cards will be okay there. Just check that any board you fancy has IDE connections as well as SATA connections, but even then as you say, you can buy adapters. The only problem might be if you have an AGP graphics card, but if you're not a gamer, most boards come with integrated graphic chips which are fairly good for most jobs.

  gerriecah 19:17 14 Apr 2007

Thanks MAJ, that was the answer I looked for, I thought by reading the motherboard adverts that I could save some of my gear, the graphics card is AGP but that is little loss, wee eddie kinda floored me, but I thought he was wrong.

Technotiger and wjrt, thanks for the links, will look into them

Thanks to You All for your help.



ps. Going to see if my drills are sharp. !!!

  woodchip 20:39 14 Apr 2007

You should not have a Problem if you are running XP, But you may as I did when I had to get a New Mobo to Run 98se on. As although it was Socket A there was not much in the way of Win9 drivers on the Motherboard CD. And although it as USB2 sockets they only work as USB1.1 so I had to buy a USB2 PCI Combo card that had USB2, Firewire,Pata and Sata Sockets. Just make sure that the Motherboard as enough PCI slots. You may need different Memory as yours may be old SD new will most likely be DDR. Check if the Board will take your Graphics card, or get one with onboard Graphics and Sound as this solves two items in one go. But if you play games then a Dedicated Graphics slot is a Must

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