Upgrade Problem

  SABRE 11:56 28 Apr 2005

Just finished an upgrade (new processor, mboard, g card, power unit) and switched on. Not a peep.
Seems like no power but everything is plugged in securly. Any ideas has to progress to find out what is wrong?

  961 11:58 28 Apr 2005

Start by looking at the power supply unit. If you have another (old?) one try that instead

  SABRE 12:04 28 Apr 2005

Do I have to take out the new one? Can I just plug an old one into the mains supply and put the appropriate connectors into the mboard etc without connecting it to the chassis?

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 12:09 28 Apr 2005

Yes that will work obviously though safety first hehe.

  fu bared 12:27 28 Apr 2005

Just a thought but have you turned the power supply on using the switch at the back

  gudgulf 12:29 28 Apr 2005

Before you do anything else check the blindingly obvious.Check if there is a power switch at the back of the psu and that is turned to on if there is. Also check the fuse in the plug of the power lead.Double check the power switch connections to the motherboard as well.

Then try an alternative power supply if everything checks out ok.

  happy dragon 12:33 28 Apr 2005

make sure the voltage is set correctly as well if not will blow your psu then it wont power up ?

  happy dragon 12:35 28 Apr 2005

if the voltage was not set correctly on the psu wont it off blown the unit and could that be the problem ?

  goonerbill © ® 12:46 28 Apr 2005

as stated by the others, first port of call would be the PSU. ensure all connections are firmly connected, power switch is on(if it has one) voltage switch is set to 240v not 110v (if it has one) and lastly, that the "power on" switch cable from the front of the case is connected to the mobo correctly. if after trying these out and you still get nothing, then try a different PSU.

  SABRE 12:58 28 Apr 2005

Thanks everyone. Problem found and as usaual it was bloody simple. The power switch lead from the case button had got tucked away inside the case face and I'de forgoton it. You certainly learn by your mistakes!

Powering up OK now but wont boot from the old hard disk into windows. Don't like to ask but can you assist further. Like I said, I am learning.

  Indigo 1 13:02 28 Apr 2005

You can't expect it to boot from old HDD as it ihas a compleley different configuration. You will need to re-install Windows or try an Upgrade by inserting the Windows CD booting up and selecting Upgrade from the Install Menu.

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