upgrade problem

  sil_ver 21:53 18 Jan 2004

A young friend has asked me to upgrade her old Tiny computer but as it is third or fourth hand most of the software has vanished including what I presume, was the restore disk. I am going to do a complete format and install of Win98SE to replace her Win98 and give her a fresh start but chipset and other drivers are difficult to obtain. A thought occurred to me that if I transferred the cabs files to CD would I be able to install them to the new O/S or do I need anything else?

  Quiller. 00:09 19 Jan 2004

Use driver wizard on this months dvd edition or download a trail from click here

Scan the old computer and save the drivers to a folder. Now either copy them to c\d or take out the hard drive and transfer the files to your p.c. or write them to a cdr on your p.c.

Now format and install windows on the old machine. Either transfer the file from your machine to the old one or use the cdr as the source for the drivers.

This has worked for me a few times on real old machines without any drivers.

The other option is to load aida 32, pin point the peripherals and search for drivers. yuk.

  Quiller. 00:10 19 Jan 2004

You may wish to download a trail or better still a trial. :-(

  hugh-265156 00:19 19 Jan 2004

for hard to find drivers click here

login = "drivers"

password = "all"

  sil_ver 00:24 19 Jan 2004

Many thanks for the info.I've downloaded the prog driver wizard and will give it a try.

  sil_ver 00:26 19 Jan 2004

Have tried driversguide but no luck, but thanks anyway

  hugh-265156 00:31 19 Jan 2004

try aida32 click here any version.

install on the computer your updating and click computer/summary

hover the mouse over the chipset and motherboard info in the right pane and it should give a link for a driver download.

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