Upgrade Pentium III Win98 to Win XT?

  timbo9999 18:36 12 Dec 2005

My son as a Gateway Intel P III with Win 98. However, my kids want to use it for Itunes - but ITunes requires XT (which is on the shared family PC - squabbles occur with several teenagers wanting to use it at same time).

Do you suppose it will be expensive to have my son's win98 machine's operating system upgraded to XT?

  sharkfin 19:06 12 Dec 2005

It really depends on the processor and how much memory you've got.

Can you give somemore info?

  timbo9999 19:13 12 Dec 2005

got 18 avail gigs on hard drive.

got 128 megs of ram with an expansion slot to add more

  sharkfin 19:18 12 Dec 2005

with only 128MB memory, your computer will definately struggle to run windows Xp which needs at least 256MB and 512MB recommended.

You could upgrade the memory but its going to cost you more money on top of purchasing XP so thats £100+ already. And I personlly wouldn't think its worth the expence.

Is the Itunes needed for an Ipod by any chance? If not, there are other media players suitable for windows98.

  timbo9999 19:36 12 Dec 2005

Thanks. He has an Ipod (given to him by his mom for xmas). I just want to get him to use his own PC more.

  sunny staines 19:54 12 Dec 2005

my gateway pentium 3 500 on w98. now runs XP PRO no problems.

had to disable onboard sound and put a sound card in [used audigy2] and upgraded the ram sd100 to a max of 384.

the modem and graphics drivers were on the XP CD and loaded with windows automatically.

  steve-252371 20:48 12 Dec 2005

i updated to xp last week. I have a pentium2 350 and 128mb of ram.The only problem i had was slowdown now and again while a few progs were running at once.I fixed this however by installing Free Ram a free memory manager and have had no problems since.

  sharkfin 21:09 12 Dec 2005

You could try and run XP but I doubt that it would run at all well. Better to wait get maybe get a more up to date computer.

  VoG II 21:14 12 Dec 2005

XP will actually run on 64MB RAM but painfully slowly; a bit faster with 128MB. I agree that 512 MB is desirable.

Run Belarc click here to get details of your motherboard then use the Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool click here to see what RAM would be suitable.

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