Upgrade Parts or New Computer?

  Cola5354 22:50 20 Oct 2009

Hi, I need help with upgrading my PC.

I have a HP Media Center m7281.uk Desktop PC
Specification below;
click here

Ive had it for a few years but not sure wether to upgrade some of the components or just spend a lot of money to get a new pc. This computer has a fairly faster clock speed of 3.2 ghz which is good? and buying a new computer with that speed is expensive?
So i want to upgrade my computer, such as adding more ram seeing as it has 1gb, which is hardly anything nowadays. Improving the graphics card and possibly getting a HD screen.

Im not sure how to upgrade it, I want to make it 4gb ram but not sure what chips to buy. I'm not sure seeing as there are many different speeds and I dont know how fast the proccesor can take so please help me with this.

Iv also been looking at Graphic cards and having similar problems. Also all the PCI express, x16, PCI Express 0.2?
These are all confusing me so please may someone help me out here :)

  Stuartli 23:21 20 Oct 2009

This appears to be the specifications for your motherboard:

click here

click here=

Not a lot you can do CPU wise (maximum 3.6MHz) though you could boost the RAM to 4GB (probably more noticeable).

The problem with Micro-ATX motherboards is that their upgrade capability is not as good as an ATX board.

  Quiet Life 00:24 21 Oct 2009

As Stuartli said not a lot of scope.
I recently updated a laptop to 4gb only two slots and it had 1gb (2x512mb.) It only shows a 3gb as that is all windows 16bit will recognise.
Frankly running XP I did not notice much difference in speed.
Adding 2x1gb making 3gb would cost about £45.
Google Crucial and run their adviser program.
It gives a graph of the likely benefit in adding variable amounts of memory.
Although 3.2ghz sounds high in comparison to current speeds. Later technology with faster frontside bus and core2duo processors with larger caches a 1.8ghz would be faster than yours.
Frankly unless you really want to spend money live with what you have as it is not that bad.

  Batch 08:18 21 Oct 2009

I have a 3Ghz Pentium 4 with 1GB, running XP.

For general browsing, emails, office type use, it is ample fast enough and the 1GB memory rarely gets fully used. If you do lots of video / heavy image editing / meaty games, then more memory may be useful.

If you open the Task Manager (Ctl+Alt+Del) and go to the Performance Tab, the bottom left hand area "Commit Charge" will tell you what is going on:

"Total" is the current memory usage
"Limit" is the max. available (including your on disk page file.
"Peak" is the max. used since last boot.

In your case, as long as the Peak doesn't get above (or rarely goes above) approx. 1048000, then you aren't paging and so additional memory would be pointless.

  Cola5354 19:29 21 Oct 2009

Thanks for the replies :)
Helped a lot but im still wondering what graphic card to get. Cause I want to play some online games.

  malgall 20:36 21 Oct 2009

double your memory and graphics card would make a big improvement
but chect the size of card and the power
it requires

and what kind of online games

  Cola5354 20:43 21 Oct 2009

Well im gunan wait for COD Modernwarefare 2?
And i dont think my current ram or graphics is able to cope with it.

I found some Ram chips but im not sure that they are the best for value or speed.
Im currently looking on this site to look for them,
click here aswell as the graphics

Possible to help me look for the correct one?

  Cola5354 21:23 21 Oct 2009

Would this be possible for mine? :S
click here

  malgall 21:35 21 Oct 2009

graphics card a Radeon HD 4850 or 4870
would be a good choice
depending on you power supply
and how much space you have in your case

  malgall 21:40 21 Oct 2009

i do not think so as your specs says 4 x 1GB
so you will need to get two 1GB memory

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