Upgrade for orange broadband

  Shutt1e 07:25 03 Nov 2006

i upgraded on wednesday, and i should be getting 8mb and a free wireless livebox, does any one no how long it takes for orange to upgrade your speed or deliver te livebox thx :D

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:21 03 Nov 2006

Live box delivery is dependent on courier, expect upto 10 days.

Speed update depends on wether your exchange can take it. If it can then a couple of days (mine can't so I,m still on 2Mbs.

Have fun installing the livebox, I can connect by wire on all my PCs but only one (with built in wireless, other use USB aaptors) will connect wirelessly and open web pages. Have now spent a fortnight "kicking them".

  Shutt1e 15:45 03 Nov 2006

you have now scared me lol, so you cant connect wirlessley or you can but only with built in wireless adpters ? just that i wont to use my xbox360 wirelessley and my laptop wirelessley are u telling me this wont work ????

  ventanas 15:51 03 Nov 2006

I've got a desktop and two laptops connecting wirelessly through a Livebox. It's easy to install (on the main PC), the laptops took a little longer, and I was not far from kicking them too. Just make sure you follow each stage of the onscreen instructions to the letter when installing the box. When you come to connect the laptop I would suggest using the option to let Windows configure the connection. That's what i did anyway (eventually).

Like Fruit Bat /\0/\ I'm still on 2mb.

  Dipso 16:17 03 Nov 2006

You can find out if your exchange is enabled by going to click here after you enter your details clic on LLU and check under Wanadoo.

  Shutt1e 16:49 03 Nov 2006

the little circle next to the wandoo things is yellow is this good or bad ?

  Dipso 16:54 03 Nov 2006

Is this on the summary page?

If you click on the LLU box on the left it should give you more info but it's likely that it's not yet enabled. I get yellow for these -

Be Unlimited should be available in your area from February 28th 2007
Carphone Warehouse will be available in your area, but the precise date is unknown

  Shutt1e 16:56 03 Nov 2006

wat exactley am i looking for in the llu box i found it :D

  Shutt1e 16:57 03 Nov 2006

it says 100% enabled exchanges

  Dipso 17:12 03 Nov 2006

I don't think that's what I mean. click here I've highlighted the LLU box in red.

  Shutt1e 17:59 03 Nov 2006

it says should be available form the 30th of septmeber 2006 so it is available now i suppose

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