Upgrade or replace.

  Zaphod 3 19:39 12 Nov 2006

My father has an 8 year old Tiny machine running 98se. He has asked me to upgrade it to XP as it only has 128MB ram at the moment I realise this should be upgraded to 512. However looking at Ebuyer this morning I spotted this; click here

Part of me says do the upgrade another part says stuff it and buy the new one.

Any opinions out there please.

  Totally-braindead 19:49 12 Nov 2006

It depends how fast the processor is. A friend of mine upgraded his father in laws PC against my advice from win 98 to XP and it slowed to a crawl as I told him it would. It was so slow that the father in law ended up asking me to blank it and reinstall 98 which I did.
The thing is, is it worth spending more cash on more memory for it. Depending on what memory it takes it could end up being a bit pricey.
I would check out the price of memory for it from Crucial click here and then have a think about it.
Your father is used to win 98 and the speed he gets from that, I don't think he will accept the speed of the computer with XP installed with that amount of memory, whether he would like it with more memory installed is debatable.
See what the others say and perhaps print it out when you have a few replies and see if that convinces him.

  Zaphod 3 20:00 12 Nov 2006

The memory will cost approx £55 from Crucial and the OS is from Ebuyer at around £60. The motherboard can only handle 512MB ram.

  cream. 20:08 12 Nov 2006

An 8 year old system, 1998 , will probably run a 500MHZ cpu at best.

Far better to upgrade to the ebuyer system. The hard drive could come out of the old system and used in the new system.

  Zaphod 3 20:32 12 Nov 2006


  Widow's Son 20:37 12 Nov 2006

Get the new system! If his current system is 8 years old it owes him nothing.

  Zaphod 3 22:55 12 Nov 2006

Time to e-mail ebuyer then.

Thanks for all your help.

  Jaro 23:09 12 Nov 2006

i would definitely go for new system

  keef66 10:03 13 Nov 2006

Replace it. False economy spending anything on a system that old. When you knock off the cost of the OS, you're getting the pc for £140!

(how anyone makes a profit out of this is beyond me, but that's another thread)

  Strawballs 10:13 13 Nov 2006

click here Hear is an alternative.

  keef66 11:14 13 Nov 2006

The OS is extra on the novatech

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