To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade - W95->W98 ?

  dublincity 14:40 14 Mar 2003

I am new to PC’s and am considering an upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98. I understand that whether or not the exercise would be feasible would depend upon the precise details of my rig. I have found the following details( most of which are jargon to me!).

Dell OptiPlex Gxi, Pentium ( r ), 5133L, I think this is a Pentium 1;
64.0MB RAM ; extended memory 64.512 MB; it has a USB port;
Total speed 1.96GHz.

The Memory X website states that this model had
max. memory of 512 MB, 4 banks of 1 memory slots, & 0 MB of non-removable memory.

Local Disk C appx. 2,105,635,000 bytes total disc space

Drive A (3.5 in floppy) 1,457,664 bytes total disc space (WOW!)

I would be pleased for any advice. Many Thanks.

  stlucia 16:30 14 Mar 2003

The first rule is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I'm sure somebody on this forum can give you a more technical answer than that, but they'll want to know why you want to change: Does your PC keep crashing, are you running out of disk space, does it not run some of your software fast enough, etc.

  Legolas 16:31 14 Mar 2003

I would think your system would take 98 ok look here for more info click here

  wee eddie 22:08 14 Mar 2003

Not much wrong with '95

  Lú-tzé 22:20 14 Mar 2003

One reason to upgrade is the easy use of USB - something to think about if you have to get a new printer / scanner. LAter versions of 95 can cope, but 98 is best for USB. A USB PCI card costs only about £10 and is an excellent investment.

  AMD 4 ever 22:21 14 Mar 2003

with the right hardware win95 is equally as reliable as 98. I personally don't see much gain...unless you want more support, or adding new hardware.

  Patr100 23:35 14 Mar 2003

Your specs would take Win 98 but Win 95 is a little leaner so should run better on older systems - the main advantages of Win 98 are full USB support and some additional system tweaks such as removing items from automatic start up but if you are happy with your present set up then I would leave it as it is.

  woodchip 23:42 14 Mar 2003

Go for it. click here

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