To upgrade or not to upgrade...

  Peaz247 22:50 08 Sep 2004

I'm currently running my 3-4 year old PC and its begining to show its age. Games are laggin, errors are creeping in etc. These are my current specs:

Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz processor
512 mb ram
NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200
80GB memory

Its fine for doing normal tasks like browsing the internet and typing up work but I'm going to University soon to study Computer Science and im looking to go in to game design so idealy I'd like a much improved system that'll be able to cope with things like model designing programs and I'd love a high quality PC ready for quality new games being released soon like Half-Life 2. So I was just wondering with such an old PC would it be worth upgrading my current PC or would it be better just to buy a new one all together? I was also thinking about changing from a Pentium processor to an Athlon but I know this will involve changing the motherboard and I'm not sure what that will involve. If I have to change the motherboard will I have to change other things like the graphics card and stuff?

I really have no clue when it comes to hardware and upgrading so in short:

1) Should I upgrade or buy a new PC?

2) If I switch from Pentium to Athlon what else will need to change and whats the likely cost goin to be?

3) Is there any extra advice anyone could give when upgrading? e.g who to turn to etc.

I know its a lot but I'll appreciate any help or advice anyone could provide...

Thanks in advance

  TomJerry 22:56 08 Sep 2004

(1) You just need a good Graphics card and a large HDD if you want to play latest games.

I really do not think you need to change your PC now even you are studying computer science. If you have deep pocket, it is another matter of course.

(2) You need to change Motherboard as well.

(3) DIY, even your degree course is software based, but it would be good for you if you learn softthing about hardware as well. I seriouly suggest you to acquire more hardware knowledge.

  Peaz247 23:22 08 Sep 2004

Thanks thats cleared a few things up but one more thing. If I do change the motherboard in order to change from Pentium to Athlon will all my current graphics card and other hardware work with the new motherboard or will I need to buy new ones?

Also if anyone could give me advise about good hardware or anything I could purchase I would really appreciate it but please remember I am a student and my pockets are very shallow :D

Thanks for the help so far, any more advice would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance Peaz

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