to upgrade or not ?

  dazzling 12:19 07 Sep 2007

higuys my trusty old pc is seeming a bit slow these days. athlon xp 2200, abit kd7 raid motherboard, abit suluro 4200 ti graphics card ,1gb ram, 4 x maxtor hdd, 4 x optical drives. do you think it would be worth upgrading the graphics card to say a 7800gs and the ram to 2gb.would i get a noticable speed increase or is the processor going to effect everything else.i cant do much about the proccesor.i need a new pc at some point but thought i would wait for windows 7 and bite the bullet then but may have to do it now. i dont play games but i do a lot of video encoding editting etc. what do you think upgrade or build new. thanks darren

  keef66 13:09 07 Sep 2007

I have virtually the same spec pc (Athlon xp2100+)so I guess your is about 6 yrs old too.
Over the past 3 years I have replaced the mx440 graphics card with a vanilla 6600, fitted a better psu, a quieter cpu heatsink / fan, and increased the ram to 1gb.

Nothing else I can sensibly do to it now:
Socket A is obsolete so I can't upgrade the cpu. Adding more ram is quite expensive as DDR2 is all the rage now. A new mobo / cpu / ram bundle is possible, but that would render the agp graphics card useless and I'd need to buy a PCI-express replacement, also I have 2 IDE optical drives and 2 IDE HDD's, but new mobos seem now to come with lots of SATA connectors and only one IDE. And I'm not sure the psu has all the connectors for a PCI-express setup.

My next upgrade will therefore be a new pc base unit, Core 2 Duo, 2 gig ram, 8600gt graphics, Vista

  citadel 20:32 07 Sep 2007

for you needs a quad core cpu and ddr2 memory. asus has a ip35 motherboard that can use ddr2 or ddr3 so you could get ddr3 when the price comes down.

  Devil Fish 20:44 07 Sep 2007

to be honest if you have around a 6 year old rig i think an upgrade would be throwing money down the drain the life extension would be minimal

so in my opinion if you can afford to do it start specking up a new rig

  DrScott 20:45 07 Sep 2007

then I'd just get the RAM. An improved GPU will not help your encoding.

If you really want to upgrade then you need a new motherboard. That means you'll also need a new CPU, new RAM, and probably a new graphics cards since almost all are PCI-E now. You could keep the HDD and optical drives, and possibly the PSU depending on what you're running now. Oh, you'll also need a new OS which could be bought as an OEM edition (much cheaper).

It kind of depends how confident you are in opening up your PC and playing.


  Totally-braindead 20:51 07 Sep 2007

I'm afraid I'm of the don't upgrade buy another PC brigade. The main reason is whatever you spend on this will be useless to you on your next PC. Most of it anyway. You have AGP graphics, new boards have PCI Express, you have IDE hard drives and while you can still use them new PCs have SATA drives, the memory you add to this will also be useless on your next PC.
So my advice is. Keep this one as long as you can and when it dies get a new PC.
If you had less RAM I might have suggested adding more but 1 gig is quite sufficient and with 99% of things you will notice no difference whatsoever adding more.
Sorry, but buy a new PC.

  dazzling 21:12 07 Sep 2007

thanks to you all i thought that would be the outcome. i must get my finger out and order the bits or maybe ill buy on of the shelf as you dont appear to save anything building your own now although i could recycle the case and optical drives. thanks darren

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