Upgrade or new?

  Jackie1 05:28 17 Jan 2004

Hi installed a new dvd+rw/+r drive 2 months ago. Since then hard drive is nearly out of space and I need a new one anyway. But can't open a few programs at a time cos it tells me to close some before I can open any more? If I upgrade i'll need a P4 cos this one in anceint now. A hard drive this is only 17GB. Also what about a microsoft package?
Also when run scan disk it never gets to finish as it has to restart it's self untill it's done it 10 times then asks you if you want to start over? Please help if you have any advice.


  howard60 07:18 17 Jan 2004

windows needs several megabytes of free hard drive just to run [100MB up]. you could clean the hard drive of unwanted junk to make room. A new 80GB drive costs about £50 but your old pc may not be able to run it without flashing the bios - a bit daunting if you have never done it. With an old pc you reach a point when it is not worth spending a penny on it and you go for a new one. If it is a Pentium 3 or equivalent a new hard drive and more memory are cheap options and the drive could always then be transferred to a new pc in the future.

  Jackie1 08:15 17 Jan 2004

It's a AMD Athlon(tm) processor don't know what speed it runs at? 128.0 MB ram and is running on Windows Me. it's a Packard Bell and we can't find proper spec on details. the hard drive is 17GB. Want a system that isn't going to keep cashing and refusing to open programs at times.

What do you think I should do? Can't rally afford new one but want to know what's best New or Upgrade?

  bremner 08:29 17 Jan 2004

To upgrade you will need a minimum:

Motherboard / CPU / PSU / RAM / Hard Drive.

To give an example:

An MSI mobo with an Athlon 2000+, 400W PSU, 512MB Ram and a 120GB hard drive from Ebuyer

£45 / £52 / £11 / £50 / £65 = £223 + pnp

  Jackie1 08:33 17 Jan 2004

ok thanks do you know how much it will cost me to get it fitted?

  Jackie1 09:14 17 Jan 2004

If I upgrade my pc can I do so more than the stuff that Bremmer has surgested? so if I wanted to put a P4 in would I also have to up the motherboard?

Just thought I doon't know what the ram memory is doesn't ot have to be the same make as the original one?


  Pikachu 09:53 17 Jan 2004

You probably will need to get a new motherboard depending on how ancient your current board is. Give us your make and model for your current board so we can determine what your board can do. I personally would buy a new board as you get many new features that are provided with the latest boards

  Jackie1 09:57 17 Jan 2004

I don't know the make and model of the current board? All I know is it's about 4 to 5 years old and a packard Bell package?

Hope this helps?

  961 10:03 17 Jan 2004

1 If your existing processor is an Athlon you need to stick to Athlon. P4 won't work on an Athlon motherboard

2 What speed does your existing processor run at? Most Athlon processors will cope with what you want to do, albeit at modest speed. Your windows system page should tell you what speed processor you have

3 If you have your computer model number the Crucial memory site on the web will tell you what sort of memory you need to order. More memory is the first thing you want and it is inexpensive

4 The other thing you need is a bigger hard drive. These are inexpensive too

I think you may well get away with just those two things. Probably no more than £70 or so

Come back here with the processor speed so that a properly informed answer can be given

I think when you get to more than £200 you really need to think about a new computer rather than spending such a sum on an existing one. New motherboards and processors tend to need bigger power supplies than Packard Bell fit and that means a new case and then... and then...

Remember you can get the new computer without the monitor and so on which brings the price down

But lets look at the existing one first and see if it can't do the job you want with just a little upgrade

  Pikachu 10:15 17 Jan 2004

As you state its 4-5 years old your current board won't take a P4 and you will definalty need to buy a new board, the processor seems to be the most expensive part in upgrading or building a PC so you will need to look into this carefully and motherboards aren't that expensive.

A lot of the current hardware you have such as your disk drive, floppy, dvd drive can be re-used and probably your graphics card. I guess you might have to spend some cash on memory as your current board probably has SDR RAM, get a board that supports DDR (Dual Channel).

I personally don't like Packard Bell ive always hated them as they charge a lot of money for a PC that doesn't have good enough parts. As 961 states if cost is to high you probbaly better off getting a new PC, you could probably build the entire thing so that you know what you have in your machine or buy a Mesh there advertised quite a bit on PC Advisor magazines.

  bremner 10:22 17 Jan 2004

Why dfo you want a P4?

If cost is an issue then you get VFM with an Athlon.

Your board will almost certainly not be able to run the latest Athlons and you will therefore need all the items I have listed.

I just provided a low cost option in my listing of components, you can of course spend a great deal more.

It is important to decide what you want from your machine and design a system around those requirements.

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