Upgrade or buy new pc? help please

  bof:) 13:09 02 Sep 2006

Hi all,

My neighbour wants to know if the pc she has is worth upgrading or should she purchase a new one?

Here are the specifications of her current PC:

AMD Athelon 1000 slot A max speed 1200MHz

Silicon Intergrated Systems ( SiS)
Chipset model SiS 730 CPU to PCI Bridge
South Bridge SiS 730

Capacity 512 mb
Max mem modle 128mb
Slot 1 256 mb DMM SDRAM
Slot 2 256 mb DMM SDRAM
Slot 3 empty
Slot 4 empty

American Megatrends ver 06270
AMIINT 1000 ver. 1.00

Currently she has two separate cd disc player and cd burner.
There appears to be a blank slot for anything else.

She is not a gamer but will need to be able to do office work and possible presentations.
Would like a DVD burner to edit holiday videos using XP Movie maker.

She a bit vague on how much she wishes to spend if purchasing a new pc is the better option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:22 02 Sep 2006

She is not a gamer but will need to be able to do office work and possible presentations.

Have a simular system, fine for office work burning DVDs etc.
Cost of a VD rewriter is approx £30

Would like a DVD burner to edit holiday videos using XP Movie maker.

Editing videos takes up a fair amount of disk space..
what size HDD is fitted? also an increase in procesor speed and memory for video editing helps.

So now its looking like a new motherboard bundle may be the cheaper option click here

  bof:) 16:57 02 Sep 2006

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\, thankyou for your help.

I've emailed the website address to my neighbour to let her have a look.

I'll checkup on the size of the HDD.


  Totally-braindead 18:44 02 Sep 2006

I'm wondering about the type of video files she wishes to edit. If they are analogue files then my concern, as well as the size of hard drive, would be is the machine powerful enough. If its digital then as far as I know it should be fast enough but I am given to believe that working with analogue is both time consuming and processor intensive.
This is my belief as I'm not interested in this type of thing myself and I'm sure some of the more learned members of the Forum will correct me if I'm wrong.
For all the rest you mention it should have no problem at all.

  mattyc_92 18:54 02 Sep 2006

Creating and burning DVD discs can take alot out of your processor.
Then, there is the speed of the DVD-RW drive, the discs and the hard-drive to consider (not to mention the RAM).

If your neighbour doesn't mind twiddling her thumbs around for a while, then the system will do as it is (once you have a DVD ReWritter drive fitted). Otherwise, I would upgrade the memory, and the processor (you would have to upgrade the motherboard, as Socket A isn't used anymore).

  rdave13 19:08 02 Sep 2006

Have a look here click here not bad for £350

  961 19:22 02 Sep 2006

Buy new. Existing setup is basically obsolete and not worth spending money on. If any of the components go wrong it will be difficult to find spares.

For video editing the processor is too slow. I guess a slot a system is 5 yrs old or thereabouts

Buy a basic system from Dell or Novatech for around £300. This will include a screen and an operating system (Windows xp)

All new components which will see her right for another 5 years

  Diemmess 19:26 02 Sep 2006

.........Implies that she already feels her present computer is not up to the mark.

The motherboard/CPU/RAM situation is at the top end as a group.
Replace one and she must replace all three to gain any real benefit.

Therefore my opinion is to replace not upgrade.

There is always the possibility to do a big upgrade starting with a barebones bundle, but ONLY if you accept the responsibility of seeing the whole project through and are prepared to go a long way ironing out the snags that will occur.

  bof:) 12:13 10 Sep 2006

Hi all, thanks everyone for all of your help.

I think my neighbour is considering a Barebones upgrade and connecting HDD, videocard etc to it.

I'll wait and see which she decides.

Thanks again everyone,


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