Upgrade my PC?

  prbentley 01:30 15 Mar 2012

Hi I have 640GB of software programs installed on my PC, on a 1TB hard drive, which I like using, because I'm very keen on multitasking, and since I've increased this, my PC has started to freeze. When I go into the start task manager, virtually all the memory is being utilised in the performance tab, although my processor handles quite well. I'm feel sure the lack of memory is the causing the freezing problem. Currently I have 4GB of DDR2 800 CL4, and the Processor is an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 3200MHz.

To handle the heavier multitasking: Should I increase the DDR2 memory to 6GB, or get an upgrade, with the newer generation i5 processer, and 6GB DDR3 memory?

  KRONOS the First 05:12 15 Mar 2012

I am assuming that the used 640 GB on your hard-drive is not just software as unless you had a lot of games it would be very odd to have that much software that you would constantly use. You might want to move or back up your personal folders and remove program's you no longer use.

If you are only using a 32bit operating system then adding ram will not help at all. If you are going to upgrade the CPU to an i5 then you would need to upgrade your motherboard as yours is a socket 775 and an i5 is either a socket 1156 or 1155.

A move to an i5 CPU and Windows 7 64bit and 6-8GB of ram would be a decent upgrade but I have no doubt Fruit bat, will post one of his lists to hopefully speed up your PC.

  birdface 08:29 15 Mar 2012

Cronus he is using 64 bit on W/7 if that helps.

You could use crucial scanner and it will let you know how much more memory that you can use and supply it.


  birdface 08:31 15 Mar 2012

Oops just press system scanner on crucial and it will scan and let you know what you need.

  prbentley 21:39 15 Mar 2012

I appreciate the helpful advice from Chronus and buteman, and I realise an upgrade to a motherboard is needed for an i5 and DDR 3.
I have an ASUS Silent Square EVO, that cools the 775 CPU, but to save on costs, is it possible to adapt this cooler, or alter the brackets, to fit on a 1155.

  KRONOS the First 01:57 16 Mar 2012

In regards to the cooler then I think that I would say no, but on the other hand I have no doubt that a mod could be be made if you were competent enough, but I think that it would be unlikely. In its day a pretty good cooler but the i5's run a lot cooler than the socket 775 CPU's that unless you were planning to over-clock the i5 the the stock cooler is more than enough.

Specs for the Asus cooler: Square Evo.

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