Upgrade Mother board

  Peants68 13:07 08 Jan 2008

I wish to replace 2 x 80GB EIDE hard drives with 1 x 250GB SATA hard drive.

My MOB is MSI K7N2 Delta series model MS-6570 ILSR. The user's quide tells me it will take a maximum of 160GB.

Is there any way of ugrading the MOB or will it only permit 160GB of the new hard drive?

Can someone please advise.

  keef66 13:33 08 Jan 2008

I just replaced an 80Gb HDD with a new 250Gb one on an MSI socket A board older than yours without any problems.(both IDE)
Is this 160Gb restriction related to the motherboard or the operating system? Which OS are you running? Is the users guide for the mobo or the pc as a whole??

  cream. 13:39 08 Jan 2008

If the manual says it will see a 160Gb drive, it should see a 250Gb with ease.

Any hard drive over 127Gb needs 48bit LBA ( logical block addressing ), your bios seems to have that, just make sure you have SP2 if you are using XP to see the full size of the drive in windows.

  Peants68 13:46 08 Jan 2008

Thanks for quick reply Keef66 and Percy Vere.

My OS is XP Home SP2.

I am puzzled why the instruction book says ony 160GB will be recognised.

Will XP sort out the LBA or do I have to alter the BIOS manually?

  Peants68 13:48 08 Jan 2008

Sorry I meant the instruction book says the MOB will take a maximum of 160GB. Why would MSI say that?

  cream. 13:59 08 Jan 2008

You mean this click here=

It could be that when that was tested, 160Gb was the largest one to test. I can't see any problem in putting in a 250Gb drive. If unsure, just use the 160Gb drive.

The bios will sort the LBA, windows will see hard drives over 127Gb with SP2.

  cream. 14:04 08 Jan 2008

Most hard drive manufacturers have free software that will force the bios to see larger hard drives. A motherboard manufacturer may say that 160Gb is the largest size it can take but the hard drive manufacturer produces software that fools the bios into seeing larger drives.

So if you research the hard drive and check out the free software available, even by some slim chance the drive is not seen, you can use the software to make it work.

  carmichy 14:08 08 Jan 2008

Not meaning to hijack Peanuts68 thread but you guys just helped me Thanks for that

  pj123 16:04 08 Jan 2008

A bit late I know but

Just a point. As far as I can see this motherboard will not take a SATA drive anyway.

A suggestion: if it was mine I would get one of these click here

second one down, takes IDE and SATA drives.

Keep the IDE drives you already have installed and use the 250gb SATA as an external.

  cream. 16:12 08 Jan 2008

It has got 2 SATA ports.

click here

  Peants68 18:36 08 Jan 2008

pj is right. My Board has 2 SATA connections.

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