Upgrade memory query

  sugarbabe 11:28 05 Jan 2007

This is probably a really daft question but i will ask anyway. Am about to upgrade ram in an hp machine that has split drive c drive and d drive is recovery. on the machine it is actually the d drive that is full to capacity.

I know that when i install ram xp machine automatically recognises it but is there anything i have to do to allocate it to the d drive rather than c??????

  Gongoozler 11:32 05 Jan 2007

Hi sugarbabe. The RAM is nothing to do with your drives. Windows will use the RAM whenever it needs it. If the D drive is full to capacity, what you really need to do is transfer files that aren't needed regularly to CD, or buy a new hard drive. Tell us more about your computer and we'll see if we can be more specific in the advice.

  sugarbabe 12:27 05 Jan 2007

The files on the d drive are just recovery files so do not know if they can be transferred.

But i am right in thinking that more ram speeds up a slow pc because i'm sure it has worked on previous pc's in the past????

  keef66 13:19 05 Jan 2007

lots of things can help speed up a pc.

If you run Windows XP you really need 512mb ram; more is useful for gaming and video work

Uninstall any software you no longer need

Download CrapCleaner and let it clear out all the rubbish which accumulates on your pc over time, also use it to remove unneccessary stuff from your startup menu.

Finally defragment the HDD

  sugarbabe 13:24 05 Jan 2007

Have de fragged run disk clean up and uninstalled programs. will upgrade ram many thanks for help

  terryf 13:33 05 Jan 2007

Whatever you do do not instal more than a total of 3gb, winxp don't see any more. Depending on your motherboard it can be beneficial to install in pairs ie 2 x 512k or 2 x 1mb or 2 x 512k + 2 x 1mb

  Gongoozler 13:37 05 Jan 2007

Hi sugarbabe. Extra RAM can speed up a computer enormously because programs use it as temporary storage instead of having to use the hard drive for the purpose. If your C drive is getting anywhere near full, then adding a new hard drive for saving all your files (documents, photos etc) is a good thing, not very difficult and not necessarily too expensive. However until your C drive is more that 3/4 full it will make very little difference to the computer performance.

i have a presario and would advise you to just forget about the d drive/ partition, as if you ever need to do a hp restore, which i have, in full ' destructive' recovery it wipes all drives and restores to factory settings from the d drive, if you have made a back up disk, i guess you would be ok, but i would advise, if you're at my level of it to leave it well alone!
i upgraded mine from 512mb to 2 gig and it does make a very faster machine, especially if you disable the page file. good luck adam

  terryf 21:32 05 Jan 2007

Never mind manufacturer's restore disks, get a copy of true image and make your own backup on a D drive where you should keep all your data, It takes less than 15 minutes to restore with True Image and if you keep data on a D drive, you will only have to restore OS and progs

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