Upgrade Memory & Hard Drive

  harleyd 06:07 14 Jul 2005

Hi, I wonder if you can advise me how I can identify what memory type I need on my old HP Brio/Windows 2000 PC in order to upgrade it (currently 256mb)
Also I'd like to fit a larger hard drive (currently 10g) how do I go about that and again how do I identify what I need
Many thanks. Harley D

  dregn 06:34 14 Jul 2005

Try click here

It's a very comprehensive site and should be of help.

  herc182 08:30 14 Jul 2005

try that site link by dregn. very good for selecting memory.

Buy any hdd with an ATA standard or maybe SATA (not SCSI as I believe your computer might be older than this newer standard) but more details on your computer are required (ie when it was bought and the current HDD in it). Furthermore someone might correct me on the above as i am a bit hazy on this info and dont want to wrongly inform you!

depending on the size of your case, will dictate the room allowed in there for upgrading. is it a tower, desk top? fitting a HDD is easy. you leave the one with the operating system as the Master and set the new one as a slave (windows will recognise it when you boot up then you have to format it) by moving the jumper. see here for a link to a post i once made on installing a HDD click here

  keith-236785 08:44 14 Jul 2005

a couple of qestions, ok 3 lol

1, are you intending re-installing windows from scratch on the new drive?

2, how much memory do you intend/want to upgrade to?

3, do you know the motherboard that is in your system? (this will help with the memory bit)

not sure about windows 2000's memory limit (win98 had a 512mb limit and also had a 36 gig limit on hard drive though you could install a larger one and partition it down).

found this...........

HP Brio BA 333 memory
Maximum Memory: 512mb

Base Memory: 32mb/ 64mb/ 128mb (Removable)

Upgrade Sockets: 2 (2 banks of 1)

32Mb Part Number: D6501A

64Mb Part Number: D6502A, D6802A

128Mb Part Number: D6503A

256Mb Part Number: D9525A

from click here

I dont know if it for your actual board though.....only when we know the motherboard details or model number will we be able to help more.

good luck anyway

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