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  dangerusone 10:10 02 Feb 2012

My HP computer has 4 memory slots 1 - Empty DIMM None 2 - 2GB DIMM 1333 MHz 9801FEO2 3 - Empty DIMM None 4 - 1GB DIMM 1333 MHz CE80CE80 If I bought another piece of 2GB, which slot would I have to put it in. I have read somewhere that mixing 2Gb and 1GB they have to go in specific slots. If this works OK I shall most likely upgrade all 4 slots to 2GB pieces.

Also I took extra cover on the PC which doesn't run out for another year, would I invalidate the guarantee?

  ICF 11:13 02 Feb 2012
  Woolwell 11:44 02 Feb 2012

Most HP computers come with pre-installed user guides that include how to upgrade the memory. The HP support site for your pc will also give guidance.

  northumbria61 11:58 02 Feb 2012

First of all does your motherboard support up to 8GB of RAM which you are thinking about in the future? (You would have to check your specification for that) Secondly, unless you are running a version of Windows with 64bit then anything over 4GB would be a waste.

RAM slots are usually numbered 1 2 3 4

If you want "Dual Channel" your mother board will dictate which slots are "channel" one or two some boards it slot 1 and 3 for channel one and slots 2 & 4 for channel two...on others it slots 1 & 2 for one and 3 & 4 for two.

Personally I would just purchase another 2GB stick of RAM to go with your existing one and put them in slots 1 & 3 - the spare 1GB you could give to a friend/relative or sell it off.

After you are finished putting in your new RAM boot into BIOS and check to make sure you have 4gigs of memory detected. You can also check to see if dual channel is (or can) be enabled. It is possible that in order to have dual channel you would need 2 gig in slot 1 and 2 gig in slot 3.

  northumbria61 12:04 02 Feb 2012

Also I took extra cover on the PC which doesn't run out for another year, would I invalidate the guarantee?

Upgrading RAM shouldn't invalidate your Warranty - it is the opening of the case that MAY. Personally I would just go ahead and upgrade it but that is entirely up to you.

  dangerusone 20:31 02 Feb 2012

ICF The Crucial Memory Advisor Tool told me everything I wanted to know. The upgrade it advised was 2&4 slots as they were, 1&3 slots to contain 4GB each so upgrading to 11GB.

Northumbria61. I am running 64 Bit system so I should be OK buying 2 x 2GB pieces for the empty slots which would give me 7GB in total, ample for my needs. As for the guarantee I think I will take a chance and upgrade. Woolwell. I'll have a good browse through the HP user guide that came preinstalled, I must admit I've only given it a cursory look.

Many thanks for your prompt replies, I'll add to this post when I have upgraded which may take me a week or so.

  dangerusone 16:59 06 Feb 2012

4GB Ram arrived in the morning post, fitted and recognized an hour later. Thanks for all the advice it was much appreciated.


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