karad 11:04 16 Apr 2003

Hi, could someone enlighten me, what exactly is an upgrade? I have been in touch with a company who are endorsed by Jasc who will be selling the PSP 8 upgrades when they become available. They have assured me that it is a complete boxed product complete with manuals etc. However they also said you need to uninstall PSP7 and then install the upgrade which confused me slightly as I had presumed that an upgrade would need to be installed over PSP7 so it could upgrade it.
So is the upgrade just PSP8 that you get cheaper or is it a product on its own. Sorry thread is a bit confusing but I AM A BIT CONFUSED AND DON'T WANT TO SPEND £46 ON SOMETHING THAT IS JUNK.

  Lozzy 12:12 16 Apr 2003

Your assumption of an upgrade is correct. You do need the previous version on the system as the upgrade uses many elements of the existing program and you are right an upgrade is cheaper.

  Taurus 14:05 16 Apr 2003

Could be that Jasc, like many companies, offer what they call upgrades but what are in fact standalone full products, to registered owners of prevous versions at reduced prices. These will 'upgrade', that is improve, the product but don't actually need the older version to 'piggy-back'.

Incidentally, PSP is most certainly not junk, I wouldn't use anything else despite having tried a number of other, more expensive products.


  woodchip 14:15 16 Apr 2003

You have to load as they say, as when you remove it there is still enough info left on your computer for it to do the upgrade

  karad 09:05 17 Apr 2003

Taurus, was not implying PSP was "junk" I use it all the time too but was not sure about this upgrade and did not want to shell out for something which might not be the right thing

  vinnyT 11:59 17 Apr 2003

Karad, why do you want to upgrade your ignorance?

Sorry, one of those literal moments:-)

  Tog 13:07 17 Apr 2003

Symantec advertise upgrade discounts to users but what actually arrives is the full product.

  karad 14:31 17 Apr 2003

VINNY T it would appear that there is only one person here who is ignorant and for my part it seems to be an ignorance of upgrades and for yours it would appear to be MANNERS. I did not imply I could not use PSP i have only never bought an upgrade before. Thanks to everyone else for their sensible answers and help.

  vinnyT 15:00 17 Apr 2003

Karad, it was a joke, if you read your heading, literally, 'UPGRADE IGNORANCE', which I thought I had made clear in my 2nd sentence. However, you seem to have taken it the wrong way, I applogise, it was never my intention to cause offence.

Humour, is of course subjective, and maybe sometimes does not come over too well in print.

  karad 15:04 17 Apr 2003

Ok apology accepted.

  vinnyT 15:05 17 Apr 2003

Thank you.

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