Upgrade ide/sata

  gerriecah 20:35 23 Jul 2006

I am considering an upgrade of motherboard/cpu and find that modern upgrade standard is from ide to sata connections. I have two ide hard drives both good working order, and dvd rom and dvd also burner. Can I use the ide harddrive and dvd-rom and dvd burner with the sata board, and I presume if so I will require adapters, right or wrong. Also the floppy drive, fdc connector, does that also come into sata type configuration.

I have searched the archives for this info but the info I could find is for sata drives to ide boards. opposite to what I require.

Present layout is a K7S5A Slot A board with AMD Athlon 1.1, hence my reason for upgrade, Slot A becoming kinda obsolete.

  ed-0 20:43 23 Jul 2006

" Can I use the ide harddrive and dvd-rom and dvd burner with the sata board "

yes you can.

" and I presume if so I will require adapters,"

No that should not be required.

" Also the floppy drive, fdc connector, does that also come into sata type configuration."

yes you will be able to use your floppy drive on nearly all SATA motherboards.

  ed-0 20:47 23 Jul 2006

If you post the kind of board you are looking at, we can show the connections available.

You should be able to use, all your hard drives and optial drives. Any AGP card you have, unless you are going up to PCI-express. Your floppy drive should work and so should alll your PCI cards.

You should also be able to use the ram, I think it's ddr for a K7S5A motherboard, but would have to check.

  ed-0 20:49 23 Jul 2006

Ah. Your motherboard takes either sd ram or ddr ram. So you would have to check;-)

  ed-0 21:34 23 Jul 2006

Take this motherboard, for example click here

A fairly modern one that takes AMD Athlon™ 64FX / 64X2 / 64 Processors and has - 2 x Serial ATAII 3.0 Gb/s connectors. It has the latest PCI-Express slots. But if you look at the specification on the page

it has

- 2 x ATA133 IDE connectors (support 4 x IDE devices)
- 1 x Floppy connector
2 x PCI slots
and - 4 x DDR DIMM slots, Supports DDR400/333/266, Max. capacity: 4GB

So that would support all you have.

The cpu's this board will take, are click here. they verge from the inexpensive to the expensive. :-))

  gerriecah 21:38 23 Jul 2006

Many thanks for your replies, very encouraging. I have 1Gb. ddr ram fitted and I know that is OK. But the reply re the adapters has me puzzled, the sata cable surely has a different type of socket and plug compared to the ide cable, or am I wrong with that. I thought that I would have to have an adapter at one end of the cable. Or can I purchase a sata cable with an ide plug at one end ???

Will not be going PCI-E, would like to but would require new cards as well, too much expense at present, and don't think PCI-express is all that advantageous.

Many thanks for your assistance

  ed-0 22:04 23 Jul 2006

The SATA and IDE connectors on the motherboard are seperate. The IDE connectors, that will take 4 IDE devices and floppy connector are marked in red. click here. So your hard drives and cdroms plug into here, as normal.

This picture show the same board but with the SATA cnnectors, in red, on the motherboard.click here

So the connectors are totally seperate and different. Notice also that this motherboard does have an AGP slot as well as a PCI-express slot.

  gerriecah 14:33 24 Jul 2006

ed-0 ---- Many thanks for your reply, I am very impressed, will have to consider it strongly, leaves a lot of room for "how much" I reach to, and future expansion.

Much appreciated. Thanks once more.


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