Upgrade and Hard drive help

  staples printer cartridge 08:42 20 Feb 2004

Two things:

I have just bought a cheap hard drive to be used as a slave but I may have bought the wrong thing! I have bought a Deagate SCA SCSI drive and I don't know how to fit it. I have put slaves drives in before but these seems different. My motherboard is an ASUS A7A266 if it helps. How do I go about it, or do I resign myself to the fact that it is incompatible?

Secondly if I were to upgarde my moptherboard what would you recommend? I have 512Mb RAM and Audigy Platinum card and a radeon 9600 Pro graphics card. My processor is 1.4 GHz. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  stlucia 08:48 20 Feb 2004

A "normal" hard drive would be IDE, not SCSI. If your supplier won't swap it for you, you probably need to get a SCSI card to run it.

  Eric10 08:58 20 Feb 2004

As stlucia says, you need a scsi card to connect your new Seagate drive to your system but since you can buy a 60Gb or 80Gb IDE drive for the same money as a scsi card it isn't really practical to do this. Best advice is to swap the drive if you can.

  staples printer cartridge 09:42 20 Feb 2004

bought it cheap from ebay, only £8 so not too fussed about getting rid of it. What are the advantages of SCSI and how much is a card? Do I just get a new IDE drive and be done with it?

  stlucia 14:08 20 Feb 2004

Some people swear by SCSI because it used to be faster than IDE, but I'm not sure if that's still the case because IDE speeds have increased.

Like Eric10, I would just go get an IDE drive rather than buying a SCSI card. You could perhaps sell your SCSI drive through Ebay!?

  staples printer cartridge 14:49 22 Feb 2004

it with an iDE card. Thanks all

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