Upgrade Hard drive/ ext or Internal

  Nordrand 10:06 22 Oct 2006

Whats the best way to go.
Upgrade internal HD
External HD Firewire.

Existing PC set up IBM Aptiva Mod 2171-64G S/N:
AB-AXT3P.Intel Pentium 500 MHz mem: 256 MB
HD: Quantum-Fireball lct 10-15 3.5 ATA66 40 pin IDC.
I want an as large as possible GB. Main use Photo storage and edit.


  FatboySlim71 10:23 22 Oct 2006

I would say an external hard drive would be a good type to go for as you are only wanting it for extra storage of your photos, this type just involves connecting it up to a free USB port at the back of your PC, although to get the best/fastest access out of the external USB type, you need to connect it up via a USB 2 connection, has your PC got USB 2 on it. Also I would say you will get better performance by connecting the external hard drive up to your PC via the USB method because USB/USB2 handles data transfer better than firewire, firewire handles digital video better, but your circumstances would be better served by the USB/USB 2 menthod. Just bear in mind that if you only have USB 1 on your PC, then the access/transfer time will be longer, as USB 2 is faster than USB 1.

  FatboySlim71 10:30 22 Oct 2006

I purchased my external hard drive from here, they were super fast with the delivery and the service was perfect, and their prices were low as well, I can highly recommend them. The external hard drive I purchased was a Western Digital Passport, this is mainly designed for Laptop use and as such normally does not require a power supply (their power is supplied via the USB connenction) although you can use them on a desktop PC as this is what I do. My circumstances were that I wanted a small easily transportable hard drive and the Western Digital Passport fitted the bill perfectly for me.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:40 22 Oct 2006

Your Bios on such an old machine probably would not recognise a large internal drive so external is probably the best way to go.

  Nordrand 11:57 22 Oct 2006

Thanks for input. I am comming round to the External HD, for practical reasons, BIOS and age of PC.
For this iwill have to install USB 2 card.
Further to my original question, ai am going to upgrade from MS ME. to MS XP. would it be wise to use existing HD for the operating system XP, useing the external HD for all other.
As I live in Norway I will have to purchase here, for support, and ease of buying.


  Jak_1 12:02 22 Oct 2006

The cheaper option instead of a bog standard ext drive would be to get a new internal ide drive and a caddy. Most caddy's will take drives up to 250GB.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:07 22 Oct 2006

An old PCs' bios may not take 250G

His may be limited to 32G or 127G click here

  Totally-braindead 12:08 22 Oct 2006

If I read your specs correctly you have a Pentuim 500mhz processor and if this is right then XP would slow it to a crawl. I have tried XP on a similar computer and it was just far too slow when compared to how it ran on Win98. It will run its just so much slower.
Its up to you but personally I'd be considering either sticking with 98 or getting a new barebones PC and using my existing bits. Something like this click here I realise this may not be an option for you as you live in Norway. But I presume there are local suppliers.
By all means try XP I'm not trying to put you off but personally I found it too slow on the old computer I tried, as did the owner, and went back to using Win 98.

  Nordrand 14:02 22 Oct 2006

Much appreciate all input.
My BIos is an Acer Version :V3.2 6M2NO5M Dated: 03/06/99.
In accord with the artical that Jak_1 gave I should be OK. Iam not quite Braindead although eighty one, but other resources are limited, mostly cash.However I note your comments and agree in principle and will most likely go that route over a period of a learning curve.

  Totally-braindead 14:22 22 Oct 2006

Providing you have your essential files backed up you can try it and see and if XP is too slow then format and reinstall 98. Thats what I ended up doing with my friends PC. Thinking about it I think he may have had less memory which if it is the case means yours might run perfectly well.
Only way to find out is to try it.
Personally I love XP its very stable and does all I ask of it.

  Nordrand 14:38 22 Oct 2006

From what I understand One can buy an external case to hold a HD and connect with a USB 2 cable.
This being the case it would be cheaper than external HD, for one could exchange Drives easily. This I assume is a caddy. or one could buy a cable to 40 pin connector and connect to a HD without an enclosure.

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