Upgrade to the Graphics

  countryboy 16:51 13 Jul 2007

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario SR2019UK with on board Ge Force 6150LE graphics. I have been thinking of upgrading the graphics by fitting an Nvidia 8500gt, do you thing this would make a cost effective improvement as the power supply is only 300 watts so the choice is rather limited. The most exacting game I "play" is FSX.
Thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 17:46 13 Jul 2007

The minimum is meant to be 300 watts so it should be ok but even if it works your power supply will probably be running full bore.
Its not just the wattage its the quality of the power supply, a branded 300 watt power supply could probably run it ok whereas a cheap unbranded one might not.

Personally I would upgrade the power supply as well but it might be ok it depends on how good the Compaq power supply is.

I think the only way you will get a definate answer is if someone on the Forum has a Compaq machine with a 300 watt power supply and is using this card in it.

  countryboy 19:15 13 Jul 2007

Is there anyone out there that has upgraded the graphics on a compaq SR2019UK, if so what did you upgrade to?

  jack 20:03 13 Jul 2007

Check the dedicated graphics slot on your machine
is PCI Express- the current standard
or the older AGP
You may find that the desired card will not 'slot' into things.
Compaq like many other mass market machines can have very limited upgradability with non standard components, MoBo's and the like.

  umbongo(uk) 00:20 14 Jul 2007

i tried to back up the below post best i can with links to help you but not be too technical about it

click here

check the bench marks out above

the older 7300 gt is above the 8500gt yet about 12.00 cheaper retail
and 8400 although not realy a gaming card holds its own for its price
shame its crippled by a 64bit interface making future a games a no no considering future titles are gonna be more memorey intensive and i wouldnt see the point of dx 10 games on this card because of slow ddr2 and 64bit
check these benchmarks out on how the card compares to a 6600gt the last midrange card every one wanted
click here

link is for the card in the benchmarks above
click here

a 7300gt would be more cost effective just remember to get one with ddr3 ram installed
le,ge arnt worth the hassle there crippled cards

here a wattage use table for an entire pc and from the author opinion its hardly using it
click here

keep braindeads psu reply in mind

for the odd game you cant go wrong and in some ive seen its pretty ok but in the end its upto you 8500gt or 7300gt ddr3

  umbongo(uk) 00:21 14 Jul 2007

ps braindead will prolly agree with me either card is better than onboard and will free up resources for a smoother windows

  countryboy 13:38 14 Jul 2007

Thanks for the guidance, I will leave the thread active for a bit yet to see if anyone out there has any experence of upgrading the graphics in a SR2019UK.

  Totally-braindead 17:33 14 Jul 2007

I did look up your PC and it appears its got a PCI Express slot but I would confirm that yourself, regarding upgrading I do agree with umbongo(uk) any card would be an improvement but I am concerned about the power supply issue, which as I stated earlier I cannot answer. I am hesitant to recommend any particular card until I find out if you do have to upgrade the Power Supply, because if you do have to do this then you have much more choice as to regards the card you can get and could get a much, much better card.

  countryboy 12:28 15 Jul 2007

I have opened the box just to confirm, yes it has a PCI-E slot and the power supply is rated at 300 watts. I have also been to the BFG web site and they say that their branded 8500gt requires a 300W PCI Express-compliant system power based upon a computer running an intel core 2 extreme X6800 processor, so I think that I have answered my own question. I should be able to upgrade the graphics without a new power supply.

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