Upgrade desktop memory

  Rockstone 10:21 11 Aug 2006

My supplier informed me that I have the following memory:
According to our records the memory that you have currently installed is 2 x 128Mb 3.3V SDRAM Memory Module 168pin (PC100 Spec). The machine can take up to 768mb (256mb of SDRAM in each DIMM socket (PC100)).
My model is: MS-6195 (ATX IR3)

I have 3 slots on the motherboard, 2 of the right most are occupied. My system info informs me that I have 128Mb installed, not 2 * 128Mb. On suggestions from commercial memory upgraders, who made an on line survey and concurred with the 128Mb, I have swapped the PCBs around, finally leaving the centre one in situ and jumping the right hand one(0?) to the lefthand slot (2?) which now gives me 256Mb. Whilst I haven't got a black belt in sudoku, I find this totally baffling. I would like to upgrade to 512Mb but hesitate to order.
Comments please?

  Batch 10:52 11 Aug 2006

It may have been dirty contacts on the slot 0 bank (either on the card or the slot itself). Swapping the memory back or around (e.g. putting slot 1 memory into slot 0) may back this up.

If you can get all slots / memory working, you should be able to buy a further 256Mb (try click here if you haven't already).

If one of the slots doesn't work, you'll need to buy 2 x 256Mb to get 512Mb and use the working slots.

If one of the memory banks is duff, you could buy 1 x 128Mb and 1 x 256Mb. But it depends on what's available in the market and prices. You could get 2 x 256MB anyhow and goto 640Mb.

  keef66 11:18 11 Aug 2006

according to the mobo manual you can insert the memory in any slot / any order, so the advice from Batch is sound.

I'd recommend Crucial for any memory purchase.

  squillary 15:02 11 Aug 2006

The Crucial ram selector on the link provided will tell you whether your board can take faster RAM than PC100 too. If you're going to replace all the RAM anyway, the faster (less outdated) RAM is likely to be cheaper.

  keef66 15:28 11 Aug 2006

mobo manual states it only supports pc100 RAM.

Unfortunately this older 168 pin stuff is now significantly more expensive than newer 184 pin RAM. (I have an old 950mhz Duron pc to which I'd like to add more memory, but I can't justify the cost. In contrast, 512mb pc2700 for the newer pc cost just over £30!)

  Rockstone 15:49 11 Aug 2006

What is a mobo manual? Where do you get them from?

  Jai 16:31 11 Aug 2006

Mobo is jargon - short for MOther BOard ie where
all computer parts are connected. Without it no computer would work, as there is nothing to connect the "bits" to.

  Rockstone 17:10 11 Aug 2006

Thanks for that Jai. You learn something new every day.

  Rockstone 16:02 04 Sep 2006

My thanks to all concerned with my problem. I have fitted some more RAM supplied by Crucial. They and you have been very helpful.

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