upgrade a dell Optiplex GX520

  madmands78 12:28 23 Sep 2007

Could you point me in the right direction.
A kid in my youth center has a dell optiplex GX520
the problem being he can't play a lot of his games because the graphics are not to good.

  LABMAN 12:47 23 Sep 2007

Hi There,

if this link click here is the PC in question it uses on board graphics that will only play very basic or older games.

I can't see if it has a dedicated graphics card slot for adding a card either, but as the Optiplex were built as business machines there is a good chance it won't have one so there is not much they can do, I honestly don't think upgrading the memory would have any benefit as it's the graphics that really run the games.

  Quiller. 14:40 23 Sep 2007

the good news is if youryoung friend has a GX520 mini tower computer, then they can install a PCI-E graphics card. click here

Look under PCI and PCI Express Cards and Serial Port Adapters. Unfortunatley if they have one of the other two then the best they can offer is old outdated PCI slots. No dedicated AGP or PCI-E slots:-(

the other good news is the memory on thesystem can be upgraded by a large ammount.click here

  Why wont it work 15:12 23 Sep 2007

Unfortunately none of the 520s have a PCI-Express or AGP graphics card slot. Some of them have a PCI-Express 1X slot, but that is no good for a graphics card (graphics cards for that slot are rare and specialised).

You could possibly install an old PCI graphics card though... I have seen up to an X1300 PCI graphics card.

  Quiller. 15:27 23 Sep 2007

disregard my post @ 14.40. Though mini tower does have a pci-e slot, it's not the graphics one as pointed out by Why wont it work @ 15.12

Well spotted Why wont it work:-)

I didn't check properly :-(

  [email protected] 23:31 20 Apr 2011

hi i have an optiplex gx520 and i'm looking for a graphic card.need to know if a graphic card exsist for this type of computer and if it does exsist what kind of graphic card do i need to play games oh yeah ita btx case and it has a pcie x1 slot at the bottom but not sure or convinced that it will work. can you please tell me what should i do. getting another computer is kind of hard for me right now that i'm having finacial promblems so please let me know tanx...

  Strawballs 10:09 21 Apr 2011

Try herelink text

  barriosgt67 04:20 22 Apr 2011

tried it but i don't have a credit card and my computer is pci 1 slot now what do i do? do you know where i can get one like in a walgreens or staples center or some place like micro center but what kind or is there a trick cause i seen a video on a pcie video card work on a pciex1 slot is that possible? with a riser card pcie x1 to x16


can this work for my computer a way of manipulating the system or like looking for a riser card and then a very low profile graphic card x16 can this be done to an optiplex gx520 please give me some feed back onthis thanxs

  lotvic 11:18 22 Apr 2011

barriosgt67 you seem to have hijacked madmands78 thread, unless you are the same person that has changed name?

It is not forum etiquette to hijacked someone else's thread/question, please start your own thread, even when you have the same type of problem.

  barriosgt67 20:44 22 Apr 2011

no i haven't hijacked nobady who is madmand78i'm just a person who is looking for some answer for my computer can you please respond to this topic about my computer really am trying to make this work..

  lotvic 00:46 23 Apr 2011


madmands78 is the owner of this thread as indicated by the first post at the top and his post has a blue background.

To post your own topic/question please go to the main page Helproom and click on the big orange 'ASK A QUESTION' and then fill in the details 'Start new subject for discussion' remember to add some tags or it will throw up an error message.

thanks, and welcome to the forum.

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