Upgrade the CPU

  theearlofsabden 13:29 18 Jan 2009


I've never done this or anything like it before.... but I want to replace my Pentium 4 processor with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ / 2.2 GHz processor.

I have a Shuttle PC (tiny shoe box size)

I was wondering if I need to do anything with the Motherboard, or is it (I suspect not) as simple as to just take out the old and insert the new processor?

Would anyone consider the above CPU at 34.44 to be a good price?

OOO Yea.... Currently I can only insert no more than 1Gig of Ram....... If I insert this new CPU could I increase this (Motherboard issue I methioned)


Any help/guidance/workshop would be greatly recieved.

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  MAJ 13:37 18 Jan 2009

How can someone who knows so little about computing advertise a site purporting to have "great prices on all things PC". How do you know?

  canarieslover 13:40 18 Jan 2009

You won't be able to put an AMD processor in an Intel socket. Very doubtful whether you will be able to get a different motherboard to fit Shuttle case so you will be limited to whichever Intel processor is the maximum that the board will take.

  ambra4 14:49 18 Jan 2009

First you have to know the motherboard make and type that is in the Shuttle PC

Once you know the motherboard make and type go the manufacture web site and check what CPU the motherboard will support

Download SIW and run it will tell you all the hardware installed in the box

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  theearlofsabden 15:52 18 Jan 2009

Thanks - I will check the Motherboard with SIW


  3gboosterman 16:10 18 Jan 2009

Why not invest in a budget base unit which will be a complete upgrade and better than what you have?
Depending on what you use your pc for, In my own personal opinion i wouldn't spend money on upgrading it.

For a start, you can't even upgrade to 2gb Ram and I guess you might even have built in onboard graphics and sound.
Its like swapping a 1.6 engine to a 3 litre one but without changing for example the brakes, exhaust or gearbox.

  Switcher 16:48 18 Jan 2009

I hope that you are not put off by the one unhelpful reply which you received. Most of the forum members are only too happy to help if they can. We can all learn from each other no matter what level of expertise we have.

  MAJ 18:41 18 Jan 2009

I stand by my post, Switcher, why the ad?

  woodchip 18:53 18 Jan 2009

AS above you are limited to Intel CPU's But you could fit a Upgrade Bundle Maplins do these in Intel and AMD but don't forget that the OS will not be no good if its tied to the Computer Plus you may also need a new Graphics with a Mobo upgrade

  canarieslover 19:50 18 Jan 2009

Please note the machine is a Shuttle. This is a small form factor PC and motherboards for them are as rare as hen's teeth and expensive as well. I have got my son's one sitting beside me for which I was looking for a motherboard and he has decided that he can do much better if he goes back to a standard case. One of the limiting things with Shuttles is that there is not much room inside for expansion and the lack of room makes them run rather hot. Upgrading when your stuck with a 220 watt power supply is also problematic. Connecting a USB powered external drive started my son's problems as that power supply is almost at it's limit anyway.

  ambra4 20:10 18 Jan 2009


“Upgrading when your stuck with a 220 watt power supply is also problematic”

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