An upgrade challenge

  aca 08:13 17 Apr 2007

Current spec:

Athlon XP 3000+, 2153MHz
Asus A7V8X-X
60 G IDE HDrive
XP Pro

Use for web/general and 3D games eg Halo/Far Cry but want to be able to play the latest games requiring bit more grunt.

Am on a limited budget. Do I stick with current mobo and upgrade the AGP card (to what?) or do I start again and go the PCI route (after a substantial time saving up!)?

Suggestions gratefully received.

  jack 08:50 17 Apr 2007

Looks like the next up grade is a new computer
PCI Express has supplanted AGP in Graphics
64bit and dual core processors give the grunt for Games
Get the drift
If you self build nut then a New MoBo/Graphics/Up the PSU should do it.
You will need to Reformat- Windoze wont run with the new MoBo-It'll 'Think' it is being cloned to another machine.[Well it is really]
Come back if you are going to buy a new machine.
Self build - try click here for one of their MoBo/processor/memory bundles good value and come all built ready to go after plugging up drives and PSU

  aca 09:18 17 Apr 2007


thanks, Y would go the self build route, as suspected if I were to put better AGP card in I wouldn't see much of an improvement.

any advice on which mobo and also will need different CPU?

  jam500 10:23 17 Apr 2007

What do you use the pc for?

  aca 10:35 17 Apr 2007

general use (office apps), web via broadband

3d games, but want to be able to be able to play the latest games on reasonable settings


  keef66 13:04 17 Apr 2007

you don't say what the limited budget is, but for a better gaming experience the X700 graphics could be upgraded and you might consider another GB of ram.

Look at Tom's Hardware Guide for graphics card performance comparisons, also the 'best gaming cards for the money' article (make sure you stick to the agp section)

Bear in mind if you were to put in something like an X1950 pro, you'd probably need to buy a better power supply too, so that'd be another £50 on your budget.

If you decide to go the pci-express route you'd find you need mobo / cpu (I'd recommend a core 2 duo)/ RAM / graphics card, probably a new PSU, and maybe a new SATA hard drive. Then you'll find you can buy a base unit with Vista for less than you can source the components.

  keef66 13:18 17 Apr 2007
  aca 07:49 18 Apr 2007

if i were to go for a x1650 pro will it not be held back by the cpu etc.

I recall when I last upgraded from an old Ti500 to a 9800 pro (then faulty so exchanged for X700), there wasn't a massive amount of difference.

I have found the x1650 for £76 ish


  keef66 10:40 18 Apr 2007

I doubt you'd see a massive improvement in framerates moving from X700 to X1650 pro, but you might get better visuals in some games because the newer card is shader 3 capable.

Not sure at which point you'd become cpu limited.

I have an Athlon XP 2100+ and following advice on this and other forums, decided that a 6600GT was about as good a card as it could take advantage of.

  aca 13:33 18 Apr 2007

thanks all. I think that I need to start saving and look to upgrade with new mobo etc in next 18 months.

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