Upgrade can anyone help?

  Ballie 11:12 06 Jan 2005

I bought the kids some games for Christmas (Sim’s 2, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, Far Cry) Anyway at fist my pc wouldn’t play them, I thought this was down to the graphics card which was a Radeon 9000 Atlantis Pro 128MB, so I have now bought a BFG Nvidia 6600GT 128mb AGP, my pc will now play them, however I have now decided to go the whole hog and upgrade the mother board and cpu as well. (my current set up is MSI 6712 KT4V mo/bo, AMD 2100+XP (running at 1.9GHZ), 1280MB Ram (pc2700), 400w psu, BFG graphics, Sound blaster 24bit, win XP home.

As I said I would like to upgrade my mother board and cpu but it seems a mine fild out there if you don't know what your looking for, I have deicide (I think!) that I want a MSI K8N NEO PLATINUM in socket 939, and a AMD 64 3000 or 3200 but I am unsure which type of cpu to go for, ie Winchester or Newcastle chips, What is the difference between them?

If possible could someone tell me what is the difference between 754/939 (is one much faster than the other?)

What is this Winchester/Newcastle all about?

And would my proposed new set up be much faster that my current XP2100+ (running at 1.9GHZ)? The reason I ask this that the 3000 64 only runs at about 2.GHZ which is not much faster than my current set-up!

Also will I have to reinstall win xp or can I get away with just fitting my hard drive to the new system?

Sorry if some of you think that these are stupid questions but if anyone could shed some light on all this for me it would be a big help as I am hoping this upgrade will last for a few years!

  mattyc_92 11:22 06 Jan 2005

The things you want to "upgrade" wouldn't be worth it, because a) your memory is more than enough for windows and ANY game out there b) your processor speed doesn't mean anything if you haven't got much memory (which you have) c) the processor you have suggested isn't all that faster than the one you have at the moment as you have pointed out d) your old graphics card should have worked for these games and e) if your system is slowing down, simply uninstall some of the games that are no longer played to spped up the system or format the system and re-install all the programs again!!!!

  ACOLYTE 11:27 06 Jan 2005

How did you get the 1280Mb of ram?it just seems an odd amount.

  Ballie 11:34 06 Jan 2005

2 x 512mb and 1 x 256mb = 1280

But in my computer, Properties it shows as 1.25GB Ram

  ACOLYTE 11:38 06 Jan 2005

Well answered me,i was racking my head trying to figure that out,lol.

  Totally-braindead 12:51 06 Jan 2005

If you really want a faster processor look at this click here this is from the MSI website, you can take up to a 3000 if you can find a Barton (0.13u) 166/333MHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache . Don't know how differcult that would be but if you can get one it would be cheaper in the meantime. You may have to flash the Bios in order to update it for the faster processor.

  Ballie 21:11 06 Jan 2005

Thanks for you input I will look at the prices for the Barton cpu, I have just flashed my bios with v .1co which msi say will allow support for upto 3200+ cpu's including the Sempron. Are these Sempron's as good as the Barton's ?

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