Upgrade for better game playing

  palmbeach 08:35 18 Jul 2011

My daughter has had a HP a6504uk for about 3 years.

processor; amd sempron 2200 2.0ghz.

Ram: (upgraded) to 4.00 gb.

graphics: (upgraded) to ati radion hp4350 256.

Vista service pack2.

She wants to play games, but finds that the pc is sluggish on the medium level type games. (Ie. Not crysis etc , but more intensive than the BigFish genre.) Her windows experiencefigs were: Processor:4.8.


Graphics: 3.3.

Gaming graphics: 4.4.

primary Hard disc: 5.9.

Overall : 3.3

We have upgraded the ati drivers to the most recent version, and discovered that the windows experience figure dropped to:3.1 All figures remained the same, bar the graphics which dropped to 3.1 from 3.3 ????

Can I get some suggestions on what to do to improve this pc, if any further upgrades are viable, or is it time to spend out on a more recent machine?

  gengiscant 09:42 18 Jul 2011

I feel that although it is theoretically possible to upgrade,I think that it really would no make financial sense to do so. So it really depends on your budget as to what options are open to you.

  palmbeach 09:48 18 Jul 2011

She was hoping that an improved graphics card, and possibly power supply to suit may be the answer, existing p/s 300w. As far as budget goes Max £150?

  c4rm0 10:08 18 Jul 2011

Looking at the Spec of the machine the bottleneck seems to be the CPU the sempron is a budget processor and not ideal for games even though the Windows Experience says differently

New Motherboard + New CPU should do trick

  palmbeach 10:13 18 Jul 2011

The HP website says the processor can be upgraded?

`Socket type: AM2+ Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades: Phenom with Quad Core (Agena) technology (AM2+) up to 9600 (up to 95 watt) Athlon 64 X2 with Dual Core technology X2 up to 5600+ (up to 89 watt) Athlon 64 less than 4000+ Sempron less than 3800+` Would a change of processor help, and if so which one?

  rickd 13:18 18 Jul 2011

I think the graphics card was a very budget non-gaming card when it came out 3 yrs ago (£40??), let alone now. You could pick up something secondhand much better off ebay for not much and see if it does whats needed. A 300w psu isn't going to feed much tho so don't go mad with the card unless you want to spend more there. Not sure how much the cpu would be a hindrance on the sort of games you want to play, but it too is budget and not a touch on a recent processor. Then you may find the mobo doesn't really support it all..You may end up upgrading lots of bits and still chasing you tail. If it were me, I'd borrow or buy a better 2ndhand card and see if it is a cheap fix, but be prepared to bite the bullet - the pc you bought 3 years ago wasn't really a gaming pc then and never will be. I'd think about investing in a better rig with a mind to the future as one game tends to lead to another......

  retep888™ 15:05 18 Jul 2011

Used CPU from ebay click here will work in your HP.

New ATI graphic card from ebuyer click here

New 550W CoolerMaster PSU from ebuyer click here

Should keep your daughter happy for a few more years.

  retep888™ 15:15 18 Jul 2011

Nearly forgot........

You can reuse your existing CPU cooler if not then have this Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro click here

and don't forget thermal paste click here

  palmbeach 19:29 18 Jul 2011

Thanks all for your responses

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