Upgrade from Belkin Wireless G to N1

  DelM 12:19 09 Mar 2008

I have decided to update from my current Belin Wireless G setup (F5D7632v1.UK) with built in ADSL modem. I have ordered a Belkin Vision N1 router.

I am trying to think ahead, and I am wary that the Vision N1 does not have modem capability.

To avoid trying to get a suitable standalone ADSL modem (which seem to be difficult to find on the web), I know that my existing wireless modem/router can actually be set to act as a modem only.

I wanted to check that if I do this, and then connect the N1 router WAN connection to an ethernet port of the old router, the new installation would then work.

Grateful for any advice - the new router isn't here yet, so I have some time to prepare...

In case you're interested, I am changing the router to improve performance between the clients (two laptops and one desktop PC), the router and a network attached drive. I think the current router is limiting the useability of some shared storage (photos in particular). Also, I believe the wireless signal should be better around the house, as we do have occasional issues with wireless signal strength at some locations.

  setecio 14:34 09 Mar 2008

Yes, it is fairly easy to set it up. Disable wireless in the 7632.

Log in by ethernet to the N1
Disable DHCP (since DHCP is done by the 7632)
Change the IP address of the N1 (eg if the 7632 is then make the N1 )
Set up your wireless in the usual way on the N1

It should then work.

  mgmcc 09:17 10 Mar 2008

<<< I wanted to check that if I do this, and then connect the N1 router WAN connection to an ethernet port of the old router, the new installation would then work. >>>

Yes, it will. You can use the new router as a "sub-router" connected to the existing router so that it gets a 192.168.2.x address as its WAN IP address.

However *YOU MUST* change the new router's own IP address from to a different Subnet, such as so that it doesn't allocate addresses in the same subnet as the main router. All computers connected to the new router will get addresses in its LAN range.

This is actually a better solution than disabling its DHCP server, connecting it via a LAN port and using it as a basic Network Switch / Wireless Access Point.

  setecio 21:44 10 Mar 2008

oops, yes indeed, my post was referring to a slightly different setup, connecting an N1 LAN port to a 7632 LAN port.

  perplexed user 21:06 11 Mar 2008

I see from your post you had a similar predicament to myslef. If its of any help Belkin are releasing an MODEM / ROUTER based on the Vision NI in the nest week or so.
see; click here

  DelM 23:13 13 Mar 2008

The N1 router arrived the other day and it is now set up and working just fine.

I disabled wireless on the old wireless router and connected the new one to an ethernet port.

New modem installed fine, with only one hitch:

Nothing would connect to it over wireless until I disabled wireless security and then re-enabled it. Don't know why it worked, but it was one of those times when I wondered why I hadn't tried it a lot earlier!

I actually changed the new old router's IP from to and left my wireless (and wired) items with their old .2.xxx adresses (I have a couple of them with fixed IPs) - seemed easiest (especially for the NAS).

Thanks for your advice. Modem and router in one box would have been neater, but that would have meant waiting and this works just fine.

  perplexed user 20:53 16 Mar 2008

I'm quite looking forward to trying out the Belkin - is that sad or what? Anyhow good to hear of your success and thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

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