Upgrade an AGP card or go for new computer?

  Hodda 16:57 08 Jul 2007

Hi all,

First post so be easy on the tech speak!

Right was given a copy of Oblivion the other day and this is what set all this off - basically my Acer Aspire Rc500 (P4 3.2Ghz, 1gig Ram, Gefore 5200fx graphics card wont handle it!

So off i went to look for some upgrade cards - the ATi X1950 Pro wont fit into the case so that leaves me with the options of one the £150 ish nvidia cards.

Anyway when im looking around for a new card, i come across an Packard Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6300, 1.86GHz, 1GHz FSB, 2MB Cache, VISTA Premium,1GB DDR RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive, 512MB ATi Radeon X1600 for £300.

The question is do i go that little bit more on the cost front and get this new computer or do i stick and keep my current one for a while longer and get a new GC?

Would i see a huge difference?

The missus can have the old one if i did get one!

Any thoughts appreciated


  Peachy boy 17:04 08 Jul 2007

from what ive heard a gig of ram isnt very much for vista premium not to sure overall thought

  Starfox 17:24 08 Jul 2007

I doubt that machine would run Oblivion, not enough ram and Vista is causing havoc with some games.

The recommended specs for Oblivion are-
3ghz Intel P4 or equivalent
1gb ram (2gb would be better)
ATI 800 or nVidia gforce 6800 graphics cards
Windows XP

My preference would be to get a new graphics card, you can get the gf6200 for £39 or less now, and hold off on the new pc until some of the issues with Vista have been soted.

Hope this helps.

  crosstrainer 17:32 08 Jul 2007

To run oblivion under Vista, and it won't. I would look for a better nvidiacaclick here

  Hodda 18:42 08 Jul 2007

Cheers for all the input,

so overall thoughts are to stick with my pc but upgrade with a new card and perhaps add some more ram?

Its just i didnt want to go spanking more money into a lost cause if the ol pent 4 is gonna die soon anyway, btw whats the comparison between the old pentium 4's and the new dual core say 6400 - i would have thought that the dual cores would be better am i wrong?

Another Q so bare with me, i have 2x 512M Ram in there at the moment, if i wanted to upgrade, i would have to put two more chips in that match correct? ie add in pairs - say add another 2x 521 or 2x 1024 so i cant just whack one more 1024 in.


  citadel 18:45 08 Jul 2007

if you have agp and windows xp a 7600gt or 7900gs. the vista pc has a 1600 graphics card that is poor. remember you may need a better psu to run a new card.

  Hodda 19:03 08 Jul 2007

You see here lies the quandry, how do i know if my current pc can take it?

Why not get the Pkrd Core 2 Duo E6300, 1GB DDR RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, 512MB ATi Radeon X1600 for £300.

AND Then.... add some more ram and a new PCIe graphics card,

  citadel 19:10 08 Jul 2007

if you are getting a new pc it is better to pay a bit more and get one with a decent graphics card to start with. you can find the length and height of cards on a google search.

  Starfox 19:16 08 Jul 2007

Remember Oblivion might not run on Vista, as crosstrainer posted earlier. Also that graphics card ( x1600 )would only run Oblivion on the lowest setting and with that game the graphics are it's greatest feature.

  Hodda 19:16 08 Jul 2007

Basically ive got 400 quid max, the missus is harping on about getting her a laptop but my comp aint cutting ther mustard with games anymore, choices choices, spend and get a new dual core and mod it as much as i can up to 400quid or just go for a new card and hold out for another year with the one ive got? if i can ?

  Starfox 19:19 08 Jul 2007

Have a look at these click here and click here

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