Upgrade advice would be gratefully appreciated

  Never again 22:44 14 Feb 2005

I have an onl pentium 3 800mhz 512 ram running windows xp (just), which is very slow.

My Ram is running off 100/ 133 mhz on a tiger tyan 100 motherboard.

I want to go faster, but I don't have a fortune to spend and as my pc is running ok I want to use most of it in the possible upgrade.

Should I get a new motherboard and processor and what should they be, or do you have any suggestions please.

I want to go faster, but not fastest - I only use my pc for the internet and word processing really, but my son likes to play some games, but not the up to date ones.

  Pesala 22:52 14 Feb 2005

My instinct would be to buy a new bare bones base unit such as from click here and just install your hard drive. A P3 is too old to be worth the hassle of upgrading. Otherwise downgrade the software to Windows 98SE or Windows ME.

  Never again 22:57 14 Feb 2005

...but all the components in my pc seem to work ok and do the job that i want.

If I can get a new motherboard for under £30 then I might have the chance of at least doubling what I have already in terms of speed.

obviously processor and memory come a bit later (or sooner than i want)

I just want faster - not fastest, and i'm not in a rush for it either.

  Chezdez 23:01 14 Feb 2005

a new motherboard is generally the best place to start when upgrading, just make sure that the one you buy will support your current processor, so you still have a comp whilst waiting to get a new processor, which should be your second purchase, preferably at the higher end of what the new board can support, so it's easier to upgrade in the future

  Never again 23:07 14 Feb 2005

if I have to get a mobo and processor it might be worth it in the long run.

have you any suggestions?

  gudgulf 23:21 14 Feb 2005

You have a major problem in that the P3 runs a socket 370 motherboard.These are obsolete and you will not find a significantly faster pcu to use in one (somewhere in the region of 1.3GHz) if you can find one.You are looking at a new motherboard and cpu minimum.You will also be running sdram which will also restrict your motherboard choice if you wish to use it,not to mention a slow cd rom drive,low power psu etc in the old pc.

You will find endless help with your upgrade here but seriously consider what Pesala has said.It will probably be cheaper in the long run to buy a new base unit.

Decide which way you want to procede then post back......you will be guided to the best priced and most sensible upgrades or best price new unit.It's what this forum excels at....just ignore us arguing amongst ourselves whilst we do it,lol.

  goonerbill © ® 23:36 14 Feb 2005

you will find it hard to just upgrade your cpu as gudgulf stated. if you do go for the new mobo/cpu option you will also need new memory as the memory you are using will not work on the newer mobo's.

get a budget mobo, amd sempron cpu and 256mb pc2700 memory £80+or- a few £'s or with 512mb memory £100+or- a few £'s and then use your other parts to built yourself a better pc but not the fastest by far as you stated.

  Never again 23:42 14 Feb 2005

I have a slot 1 motherboard at the moment and I do appreciate that it will be a mobo and processor upgrade to start with, but I would like to utilise as much as i have got, including the case.

In the long run, pesala's advice is spot on, but relatively costly in the short term.

The type of advice that I think that I am looking for is a mobo and processor rcommendation which may work with my existing memory ot at least give me a low cost 256mb memory option, but hopefully using my existing power supply for now.

Mt graphics card is an ati rage 128 pro but games are not my priority.

my pc and I are both feeling our age.

  groundhog 23:44 14 Feb 2005

I think that you need to say how much you can afford to spend and then we can offer suggestions based on what your options could be

  Never again 23:47 14 Feb 2005

Your tem were awesome tonight, and i am from the other part of North London.

sorry I missed your post, an I really looking at £100 plus for a championship upgrade or can i keep in the premier league, where I was about 6 years and many upgrades ago.

  Never again 23:49 14 Feb 2005

About £100 on the bits I have (top whack) or it becomes uneconomical.

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