Upgrade advice sought....

  Blitzer 23:29 04 Apr 2003

Hello all,

After a previous failed attempt at upgrading one of my PC's (all the upgrades ended up being trashed by me!) I'm toying with the idea of trying again. I've choosen about the following components for the upgrade but have not finalised the exact parts to buy and need advice and opinions....

Motherboard - Asus A7N8X Deluxe. Although I'm not sure if this would be over kill - would the A7N8X be enough, not really sure what extra benefits are of the Deluxe model - I have a Soundblaster 5.1 sound card that could be used?

XP2400+ processor + Cooler master CP5-6J31C fan (as recommended by AMD)

Memory - Samsung 512mb PC3200 (as recommended on the Asus website). Is there any benefit in having two 256Mbs of memory rather than one stick of 512? - this would increase the price though.

Graphics card - Sapphire 9500Pro.

Now there are two further areas that concern me but would increase the cost to a point where it may just not be worth while upgradnig anymore...

Operating System - I'm planning to stick with my copy of Windows 98se, is this going to be okay with regards to the chossen hardware etc? or is it really going to be necessary to upgrade the OS to XP?

Power supply - I have two PSUs I could use here, one 300 watt and the other a 400 watt unit. I'd most likely use the 400 anyway, but neither are AMD approved. My thinking here is should I buy a recommended PSU and done with or try what I have first?

All the above items are to be purchased from one place that can supply all the parts rather than sourcing them at lower prices from various sources. I've pretty much narrowed it down to these part and am really looking for confirmation that the parts I have choosen are worth getting?

Any advice much appreciated - cheers. ;-)

  woodchip 23:34 04 Apr 2003

Go for 400 Watt. And stick with Win98

  Blitzer 23:41 04 Apr 2003

Hi Woodchip,

You mean try the 400 watt supply I have and see if it's up to the job?

  professor 23:48 04 Apr 2003

why not get a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP? its probably cheaper than the Ausus and is mostlikely better-not sure tho i would list all the specs...ah hell i will save u looking for the spec.

Gigabyte GA-7VAXP(with latest BIOS flash)
up to Athlon XP 3000+
up to 3GB RAM (either PC2100 PC 2700 or PC3200)
onboard H\W audio capable of 6channel audio
onboard H\W1394
onboard LAN
USB 2.0(4 ports)
USB 1.1(2 ports)

well thats most of the spec compare them and decide for yourself


  Blitzer 23:54 04 Apr 2003


Thanks for your views. The previous upgrade attempt I mentioned included a Gigabyte motherboard - I'll never touch another Gigabyte board or Dabs.com again. The problems I'd previously experienced seemed to revolve around the Gigabyte motherboard and the GeForce4 gfx card I'd bought. I took great pleasure in breaking them into small pieces after week after week of tryig this that and the other as well as contacting Dabs and Gigabyte over and over - both who were pathetic at providing customer support.

Sorry to rant but I'd never touch either gain TBH. :)

  Migwell 00:03 05 Apr 2003

Well said about the Gig board, had nothing but bother with one of their's, gave it away in the end. I felt much better for it, never asked how my friend got on with it I think he built it into a computer of second hand parts and gave it away as well.

  clayton 09:07 05 Apr 2003

If you going to use the Asua A7N8X you would be better going for two sticks of 256mb that way you can use the Dual Channel option.

The extra features the Delux board has are SoundStorm Dolby Digital Audio,Serial ATA,IEEE 1394, Dual LAN.

  Zaxifone 11:34 05 Apr 2003

Sorry to rain on your parade, but the 9500 pro only supports ME, 2000 and XP... :(

Good choice in motherboard, I'd stick with the Asus. And IMHO, I'd go for Win2000.

Hope this helps...


  Blitzer 13:43 05 Apr 2003

Where can I find info with regards to system requirements of the 9500 Pro - can't see anything on Sapphire's website about system requirements!

  Blitzer 13:55 05 Apr 2003

Seems to be supported according to ATI's website - they provide drivers for it at least albeit the ME drivers?

  woodchip 14:30 05 Apr 2003

Sorry I have not replied but only just got back on, yes the 400 psu should be fine

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