upgrade advice please

  the kopite 12:14 18 May 2005

My friend would like to upgrade a msi 6786 mb with memory and graphics card for gaming any ideas please he has about 500£ to spend thanks kopite

  wee eddie 12:48 18 May 2005

I get the impression that the "msi 6786" is a motherboard.

  the kopite 12:56 18 May 2005

Sorry it has a athlon 2700 Mhz cpu and os is winxp home I was thinking of upgrading the ram to 1gb 3200 as it has 512mb 2700 at the ptesent and a nivida 6800 gt 0r 6600 gt graphics card what do you think thanks kopite

  the kopite 05:37 19 May 2005

Hi Again Guys more information about possible upgrade the present setup is msi 6786 motherboard athlon 2700 Mhz cpu 512mb samsung 2700 memory gf 5600 graphics card would this board take a athlon 3200 cpu 3200 memory and a gf 6800 or gf6600 card ?thanks any advice would be appreciated befor we commit to such a major upgrade kopite

  georgemac © 07:34 19 May 2005

take it he has a packard bell PC? with this motherboard click here

the motherboard has the kt400 chipset, which suggests the fastest cpu would be the athlon xp3000 barton, as 400 fsb may not be available.

I have 2 msi motherboards, one has the KT600 chipset which gives me 400 fsb, the other msi6712 with a kt400 chipset I think now with a bios update will also go to 400 fsb.

The bios updates on the packard bell support site do not mention this.

A jump from XP2700 to XP3000 will not really be noticeable. I have just fitted an xp-m3000 (mobile cpu) to the msi 6712 - it is overclocked to around xp3300 speeds just now, no problems, runs at 266 fsb, and these cpu's are very overclockable, if you can find one - I got this one on Ebay for £56. If you got one of these you could overclock it, and stick with PC2700 ram - going up to 1 Gbyte would be good and RAM is cheap.

I think the board has onboard graphics, so a fast AGP card would make a difference. You possibly would not need the fastest, a radeon 9800 pro or xt would be very good.

  the kopite 07:58 19 May 2005

Thanks geordiemac does this mean the board only runs 2700 memory as she does not (can not) update bios

  georgemac © 08:06 19 May 2005

no the board will run PC3200 memory OK

  the kopite 09:25 19 May 2005

Thanks geordie I have advised her to go for 512mb or 1gb memory and a gf6800 0r ati 9880 card upgrade does that sound ok and how is it for gaming thanks for your help kopite

  Bleep 09:50 19 May 2005

Tell her to go with either a 6600GT or 6800 over the ATI9800Pro, the ATI card is old technology and the newer games this year and next will deliver big performance hits on it.

Looking at overall spec's the 6600GT would be the best choice of card for the set-up...

  the kopite 10:21 19 May 2005

Thanks bleep good of you do you think pc3200 memory is worth it she has pc2700 at the mo kopite

  georgemac © 13:30 19 May 2005

memory is cheap at the moment - it looks to me like the board has 2 slots - if they both have 256 mb sticks in at the moment, I would but 2 x 512 pc3200, and flog the pc2700 on ebay.

if she has 1 x 512 mb pc2700, and the cost is roughly the same as pc3200, I would just buy another stick of pc2700.

I assume she has onboarad graphics, may be worth getting hold of a motherboard manual to see if this is switched off via bios, jumper or if it detects the AGP slot being populated.

Make sure she gets the AGP version of the graphics card, not the pci-e version.

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