Upgrade Advice Please

  SHARON B 20:28 08 Apr 2004

My pc is running XP Home, 2 x 40gb hdd, 512 SDRAM, 800mhz amd athlom cpu,mobo is Gigabyte 72ZMMP - PC is about 3 1/2 yrs old & i have cd rw & dvd rw installed . Machine is sometimes slow & i cant pin it down to one thing - I do like to have several apps running - some days it copes fine - then others, i could chuck it through the window !
In view of this, I have been toying with upgrading - however due to age of machine i cannot just replace processor - it will be a mobo job !
From specs i've given, would you think it is worth it ?

  Rayuk 20:53 08 Apr 2004

Best if you had a budget to go with as you most probably would be better off with ddr ram as well.

  spuds 00:32 09 Apr 2004

Having upgraded three computers, I now tend to think that this can prove expensive when you think about changing major components.Having old with new can sometimes prove to be a negative venture. I would consider checking prices for a replacement computer, which would have the latest parts and a full warranty to suit. Selling your present machine could perhaps make a saving on the replacement, and ease the financial burden.

  LastChip 01:25 09 Apr 2004

Almost certainly, your CPU is the major source of the slowdowns you get when multi-tasking. It's not that it's a bad CPU, just slow by comparison to today's standards. XP itself will be eating into the available resources, and is really not the best choice for a processor of that speed.

This will be particularly apparent when doing anything with graphics or video, DVDs etc.

Never-the-less, you do have some worthy components such as your CD and DVD re-writers, so why throw them away? Standard parts such as floppy drives have not changed for years, so if yours works OK, there's another component that could be used again, along with your existing hard drives.

You may like to consider a "Bare-Bone" system, where you just add bits and pieces to a partly assembled system. click here for an example, though other suppliers can also offer these types of packages.

Alternatively, you could build a "Base unit" from scratch, specifying your own motherboard, CPU etc, still using your old components to complete the unit, along with your existing monitor, keyboard and mouse.

  hugh-265156 01:53 09 Apr 2004

a motherboard and up to date cpu may set you back £200-£300 quid and then you will have to get ddr ram for it so may cost a bit in the long run.graphics cards are also not cheap if you like games.all this will add up.

you can get good deals on complete systems quite cheap which would certanly out perform your current hardware and you could always add your curent hard drive/dvd drive to them click here for example.

have a shop around to see if you can get a good deal online.a forum member posted a link last week where they got a new complete dell system delivered for just over £200,all good spec but i cannot find the thread at the moment.if i find it i will post it for you.

  fsbb 08:34 09 Apr 2004

Recently upgraded from Cyrix 250 processor (it was high spec when I bought it) and Win 98. I shopped around on the Net and purchased parts from various companies to get best deal for each component. Prices tend to change quickly. Raplacements were:

Asrock mobo (supports Athlon 2800) all O/B £34
Athlon XP 2200+ (inc HS&F)£56
512 DDR 2700 £46
PSU 350w £20
40gig Maxtor HDD £30
Win XP Home (OEM) £60

Used existing micro case, FDD, CD/RW, DVD, Monitor, KB/Mouse etc

Total cost £246.

As I said prices do fluctuate. I could get same parts from various suppliers now for £200.

  961 10:09 09 Apr 2004

I suggest you look at click here for their assembled and tested motherboard/processor/memory kits and consider Athlon xp barton 2500. You need to ensure you have ATX case with a sufficiently good PSU (300watts min) Otherwise add a new case as well.

  SHARON B 13:13 09 Apr 2004

Welcome advice - given me a lot to think about! But i think i'll plump for Lastchips suggestion of a part build , but reusing a lot of my own hardware = As the hdd & optical drives are quite new - ive been looking at komplett & i can get what i need for apprx £160 (im not into gaming so not so bothered about top spec graphics)-
fsbb - You have purchased just the parts i need o except the os & hdd but the prices look much better than ive seen - esp the ddr - could you let me know where you bought from pls?
all suggestions much appreciated - cheers !!

  talia 14:06 09 Apr 2004

Go to this site for your bare bones system click here

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