Upgrade Advice Needed!

  PizzImperfect 01:45 09 Oct 2007

Hi there,

I built my system a couple of years ago, and was sort of on a budget then. I've started getting into working with a lot of audio editing / CPU heavy activities recently, and my systems really started to ache. I'll list my full spec below. I'm trying to keep cost to a minimum, so i'm hoping i could keep my current motherboard, but i'm not sure if the CPU's available for it any any good anymore (i'm a little out of touch) If anyone would think it needs an upgrade though, please say :) Also, i thought 2gb of RAM would cover me, am i right?

Of course, any help would be appreciated! I ask because i haven't been keeping up the past year or so!

My Current Spec:

Motherboard - ASUS A8V-MX

CPU - AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.00GHz)

RAM - 512mb

Hard Drive - Maxtor DiamondMax 10 8MB Cache 7200rpm 200GB

Soundcard - M-AUDIO - Audiophile 2496

Video Card - Radeon 9800 PRO

- Motherboard can takeup to 400MHz DDR RAM, is it worth buying 2gb? or get a better board with DDR2.. 3.. whatever? :) Thank you

  PizzImperfect 01:48 09 Oct 2007

Oh and it may be worth asking.. I've always gone for AMD... would Intel suite audio editing better?

Thanks again!

  ambra4 05:10 09 Oct 2007

2gb of RAM would help to speed up the loading of programs etc

But you also need to do other things, which will also help to speed up the computer

Clean up the registry; remove temp files; defrag the hard drive; defrag the registry; tune up the memory

Programs that I use to keep my computer running at top speed and I am only using a

AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.66 MHz

Registry Fix

click here

Diskeeper 2007 Professional

click here

TuneUp Utilities 2007

click here

Advanced Windows Care Personal Edition

click here

Idigicon PC Accelerator

click here

Do all you clean up first and run the Idigicon PC Accelerator last

Maintenance on the computer is very importance most users only do this when they have problems

I run maintenance check at least once a month

Hope this help

  Quiller. 09:39 09 Oct 2007

Your motherboard will take this wide range of cpu's click here

you could use 2Gb of click here. These would make a big difference.

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