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  palmy mike 11:39 24 Oct 2007

I have the following set up:

ASUS M2N4 Sli motherboard
AMD x2 6000+ CPU
2gb RAM (2 x 1bg DDR2 PC5300)
Geforce 8800GTS 320mb Video card.

I recently built this with the intention to play games on highest video settings, but after testing it seems I have been rather optimistic. Some of the latest games (i.e. MOH: Airborne) don't even run smooth on low graphics settings!

What I want to know is... What do I upgrade?
Shall I get better RAM? Some faster pc6400 800mhz ones perhaps?
Or should I get a new video card? My motherboard is sli so I could get another one and link them, or I could just sell this one and get a 8800GTX 740mb.

Basically I want to only spend what I NEED to spend to achieve smooth gameplay on high settings.

What shall I upgrade?


  crosstrainer 11:43 24 Oct 2007

A wonderful thing...You would have been better off with the 8800GTS with the extra memory. Your system should otherwise be fine.

You could go for the 8800GTX which eats anything at all, but is pricey. You could go down the sli route, but frankly I don't think you will gain that much.

Have you installed the latest drivers for the card?

click here

Make sure you select your operating system from the menu displayed.

  palmy mike 11:55 24 Oct 2007

hi crosstrainer,
Actually, i haven't tried the latest driver. Maybe that will help. Will download.

So you reckon upgrade the card to gtx should do it? If I sell this one on ebay for about £120, plus my old radeon x850xt AGP card for about £50, throw another £100 in and I should be able to do it!

  crosstrainer 12:21 24 Oct 2007

You have the extra power connection required for the 8800 series cards:

The Image

In the link shows the required connection (in this version of the card it's blue..but they vary in colour)

The top right hand corner is where you need the six pin connection from your psu.

click here

You should have a psu with the relevant connections in such a new system, but check first!

  donki 12:26 24 Oct 2007

Ummmm you have a great computer there Bud, u should be able to run any new game with the greatest of ease!! I have a Dual Core 4200 with a 8800GTS 640 which eats Airborne for breakfast....

Couple of questions,

1. Like crosstrainer said, u got all the latest drivers?

2. What OS are u using, should i hazzard a guess at Vista?

3. Have you tried any other demanding games i.e. Oblivion... grafically superior to Airborne. or any other Hi GFX game? What has the results been?

  donki 12:29 24 Oct 2007

Dont be sticking anything on Ebay just yet, that rig should be purring over luverly...

Another question... what PSU do u have?

  davidprc 12:38 24 Oct 2007

Good grief, nothing wrong with the spec of your machine. Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed and that any security software is not dragging down performance.

  crosstrainer 12:41 24 Oct 2007

Point (and I'm nit picking really) is the lack of 800mz memory, but do make sure that the extra power connector is seated in the card as per my posted image.

I have known some 8800's tun without it but like glue!

  crosstrainer 12:41 24 Oct 2007

Not tun run:)

  palmy mike 12:54 24 Oct 2007

thanks for everyones support.

The card came with a 6 pin connector cable which splits into 2 molex 4 pins, which are both plugged in.

I will get the latest drivers to see if that helps. Yes, I am using Vista Ultimate.
I have tried the following games - Farcry, Airborne, World in Conflict, Stalker, and I will soon be trying Crysis (god it looks good!). Farcry runs smoothly, but only with low-medium settings, world in conflict is pretty unstable (especially during cut sceens), and Airbourne is simply unplayable.

My PSU is a hyper 570W. Do I need more maybe?
Cooling (besides cpu fan and gpu fan) is 2 120mm case fans. Do I need liquid?

  crosstrainer 13:04 24 Oct 2007

Should be ok with just one card in it...Try the new drivers for the card, and if this is an Nvidia chipset mobo update those drivers from the same link I posted.

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