Upgrade advice for Compaq Armada 7400 required

  cyberphobic 22:20 16 May 2004

I have just acquired a laptop as above which will be used primarily for surfing. The spec when I bought it was Pentium 2 366MHZ CPU, 6GB HDD and 64MB RAM. I have since upgraded the RAM to 256MB which was a nice cheap easy upgrade and has made a big difference, I'm not too bothered about the HDD as no files will be stored and I'm using WIN 98 SE anyway which isn't too hungry on disk space. I'm wondering about the possibilities of upgrading the CPU, does anyone know what it is possible to upgrade to with this motherboard,and where I might find a suitable CPU?

  grey george 23:36 16 May 2004

Most if not all laptops are pretty much un-upgradeable as far as processors go. If you are only using it for surfing it will be the connection speed which will dictate how fast things happen. If your not on BB then the laptop will be waiting for the net not the other way around.

  cyberphobic 06:22 17 May 2004

I have Pipex broadband

  grey george 17:55 17 May 2004

You don't state the speed of the connection. Try using a higher spec pc on the connection, if you have access to one. At least this way you will know if it's the connection or the old laptop that is slowing you down. If it is the laptop all I could suggest is stripping of all unwanted programmes so that only the browser and you security software are running.

  cyberphobic 19:27 17 May 2004

Thanks for that, I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has particular knowledge of Compaq laptops and what upgrades might be achievable.

  Gaz 25 19:40 17 May 2004

The processor is soldered to the board.

Sorry. This is also quite common in laptops.

  Gaz 25 19:44 17 May 2004

a good upgrade may be to gte linux instead.

  cyberphobic 22:07 17 May 2004

Can it not be unsoldered then?!?

  grey george 10:51 18 May 2004

Not by hand. Over 100 pins all very close together and think about the heat. very specialised smt (surface mount technology) machine required, massive expense! Sorry but these boards are just made to maximise space usage. In some of them all the componets are compunded into one big super IC. They just ain't built to be upgraded.

  cyberphobic 21:38 18 May 2004

Just as a footnote to this thread, I've been struggling to configure a network card to this laptop, so I have had no idea what the internet performance would be like. Having at long last got the card sorted out, I'm delighted to find that it is more than acceptable - not much slower in fact than my main PC which has got a Gigabyte Pro MOBO, 512MB DDR400 RAM, SATA and an Athlon 2500 overclocked to 3200. Makes me wonder why I wasted my money, I should have stuck to a Pentium 2 in the first place!! Thanks for your help though.

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