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  astra46 00:48 22 Jan 2007


Ive been looking at upgrading my pc as a cheaper option, rarther than buying a new system.

Ive an ASUS A7V8X motherboard, 512 meg, ATI Radeon 128 meg graphics, 2400 XP Athalon.

I was thinking of a better AGP graphics card and more memory, maybe a 256meg or 512 meg card, as some can be had quite cheap. Then maybe buy a new system when i have enough cash.

Your views would be appreciated.

  pac73 01:35 22 Jan 2007

It depends how much you,ve got to spend.Id suggest to upgrade to 1gig of ram memory.And have you looked at the Nvidia Geforce graphics card.They can be pretty pricey for 512mb.

  sean-278262 04:20 22 Jan 2007

Probably not worth it. You never say what graphics card with 256mb. I had the option of a 256 card on my desktop which is ages old but declined as some cards just use the extra ram as a gimmic. What card do you have now? ATI make loads of 128mb ones. About all I would do with that system is get 1gb of ram and maybe if the motherboard supports it a 2800 or 3000 processor (second hand as sktA isnt made any more).

As for the graphics it is wasting money I suspect. Unless it is a very good card but the rest of the machine probably will let it down. I say spend £30 on some ram and maybe try ebay for a new processor(not for faint hearted) and leave it be till you can afford a new one. Upgrading is cost effective but reduced with the offerings on todays cheap computers.

  keef66 11:45 22 Jan 2007

why do you want to upgrade it?

If it's to play games, increase the ram to 1gb and put in a 7600gs card. Don't bother with the processor; the risks outweigh the benefits since you'll almost certainly be buying from Ebay.

Note with graphics cards the amount of memory on the card is not as important as the graphics chip itself. What ATI card do you have atm?

If not to play games, just increase the ram.

If it's just that the thing's become sluggish, back up your documents etc and do a clean install of Windows.

  astra46 20:32 22 Jan 2007

Ive an ATI Radeon 7800 pro 128 Meg

Seen some good ones AGP cards the net for example

Sapphore X1600 Pro 512 Meg DDR2 £92.94
Sapphire 9550 256 Meg DDR2 £41.71
Geeforce 6200 256 Meg £44.65
Geforce 7600GT 256Meg DDR3 £108.10

So much choice.

  Totally-braindead 20:34 22 Jan 2007

Do you mean a 9800 Pro?

  astra46 20:38 22 Jan 2007

9700 Pro had the pc from Mesh in December 2002.

  Totally-braindead 20:45 22 Jan 2007

I think the 9550 is a step back as is the 6200. The X1600 might be a lot better I'm unsure as I'm a Nvidia fan.
The 7600GT is a good card but of course is the most expensive and for a bit less you could get a 7600GS which is perhaps £20-25 cheaper.
There is a problem though. If you look through the Forum just now you will be able to find threads from people that have had problems with graphics card upgrades, this is because the new cards all require extra power and many of them are finding that its costing more than they expected as they end up having to buy a new power supply as well. This might not be the case in your circumstances but it is worth mentioning.

  astra46 20:47 22 Jan 2007

Thanks, just so many things to consider. Ive done nothing with my pc since i had it in Dec 2002. So unsure of the best option.

  Totally-braindead 21:01 22 Jan 2007

The problem is whatever you spend now will effectively die with the PC, or be sold on with the PC if you sell it and you won't get back what you pay for it either.
A new PC will probably not use the memory your old one does and will more than likely have PCI Express rather than AGP for the graphics.
You could add more memory and that wouldn't be differcult but if you did buy another graphics card you might then need a new power supply. You might not but many do.
If its just slowing up then a good cleanout and a tuneup will do it the world of good. You could also consider what keef66 suggested, backup and do a clean install from scratch, make sure you've everything backed up and all the necessary disks before doing this though.
If you're not into games to be honest I wouldn't bother with the graphics card upgrade and would just add more memory which would speed most things up.

  woodchip 21:05 22 Jan 2007

Only looked at your first Post.

I ask what do you use, or want to do, that the computer cannot now do?

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