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  helmetshine 10:14 11 Jul 2004

Thinking of upgrading my PC with an AMD FX-53(939 pin),Radeon X800 xt.With the new m/Board and faster memory required it would cost approx £1200..as i only have an OEM copy of XP i may need a new OS as well.I may also have to pay to have it fitted as i'm not too confident of changing the m/board..so say all up about £1500 allowing for everything.Alternatively i can buy an Alienware with the bits i want for £800 more...this will also upgrade other items ie:H/D,soundcard,speakers,DVD and CD rewriters instead of just the CD/RW and DVD player i have at the moment

I would also have the advantage of a 3 year warranty instead of just the warranty that comes with the h/ware, plus i'd still have my old PC in working condition so i could network it.

Considering the advantages, the £800 is beginning to look like money well spent if i go that way.....am i cracking up or just too drunk to see the obvious....or does anyone else agree

  Indigo 1 10:22 11 Jul 2004

Can you post a link into the thread to show which models you mean ?

  helmetshine 10:55 11 Jul 2004

here's the link click here i've changed a couple of things tho....optical drive1 has gone to a DVD player/CD/RW...and 2 has gone to the Plextor PX-712A...i've also added the creative t7700 speakers

  goonerbill 11:16 11 Jul 2004

nice!! if you got the money and your not sure about building a new one yourself, go for it. would choose winxp pro and not home version for OS though.

there are websites (sorry no links) out there that show you how to build your own system and PCA had an indepth article on how to build yourself a pc.

have a search and read up on how to build yourself a pc, its not as hard as you think and just think of the enjoyment you will have playing on something that you built.

  helmetshine 21:40 11 Jul 2004

Thanks for the advice Goonerbill,i've decided to go for the Alienware this time tho(added the Radeon x800 xt as well)but over the coming months will read up on build your own,then maybe buy some cheap parts and practice.That way if it goes wrong it won't be my main PC,and by the time it's upgrade time again i may be able to do it that way.Heres hoping anyway

  Indigo 1 23:18 11 Jul 2004

Good choice !

  goonerbill 21:52 12 Jul 2004

wish i had the money to get one as well : ((

have fun with it!!

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