Upgrade from 98 se to Xp problems...

  Bjoerndalen 13:46 03 Jan 2006

Hi guys.

I have a 6 year old pc that was running 98 se but started to develop boot and shutdown problems and was running slower. I decided to take it back to its original out the box condition and format and re-install. A friend of mine had a go and instead put xp on. It worked ok but it freezes after different amounts of time and i get a message saying there is a problem with the display driver. I have contacted the graphic card manufacturer who says that because the video driver is always in use that the error will always point to it and that it could be an error elsewhere. He suggested making sure the motherboard bios are up to date and that the chipset drivers have been installed. This sounds too complicated for me to tackle. Do you think he his right? How much do you think it should cost to do at a shop?
I also noticed that xp requires a lot more ram to run. What is the least amount of ram it will run on. I have 192Mb at the moment. Or should I take it in and have 98se put back on. I am hoping to invest in a new pc soon but want this one to work so the kids can use it for educational purposes.

The system consists of the following.
192Mb ram
12Gb Hard drive
16Mb Matrox Millenium G400 graphics card
Pentium 3 500Mhz
tyan s1854 trinity 400 motherboard.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Dave.

  medicine hat 14:02 03 Jan 2006

Should be no problem running XP on that system. Here is the graphics card driver you want click here To check you are using 5.93.009 right click My Computer choose Properties>Harware>Device Manager, then open up Display adapters, right click on the Matrox and choose Properties>Driver and see which verson it says.

  Bjoerndalen 14:46 03 Jan 2006

Thanks for that. I have had a look and the driver version i have is 5.1.2001.0
Now for a really daft question. How do I update the driver do i just double click on the downloaded file or do I have to un-install the original one somehow. Sorry but I am not that clued up on such things.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 03 Jan 2006

Min spec according to MS click here
so it should run but sloooow.

Most people would recommend min 256 ram

Update drive

Start - settings - control panel - ystem - hardware - devie manager - click on + display adapter - right click on graphics display (whatever your is) select update driver from the menu

  Bjoerndalen 11:29 04 Jan 2006


Before i update is there any way i can save the driver I have just in case this doesnt work?

Also I forgot to mention that its Xp pro that was installed. Will this make any difference?

Cheers Dave

  ACOLYTE 12:14 04 Jan 2006

XP should make a restore point for you when you update the driver,then if it doesnt work you can roll back to the driver before.

  wee eddie 12:36 04 Jan 2006

Other factors to consider:

You will have a number of peripherals: Printer, Scanner and maybe other bits and pieces. Some of them may not be XP Compatible.

If your currant hard drive is more that half full, you will need to get more space.

Your RAM is critically low and you will have serious problems if you wish to operate with more than 1 program open at a time.

  Bjoerndalen 13:05 04 Jan 2006

I do have a scanner and printer attached and they appear to work ok even though they are a few years old.

How much ram would you recommend to make things operate ok?

I will try updating the driver later on this evening when I get chance and will let you know how it went. Touch wood it'll solve the problem.

Thanks Dave

  Bjoerndalen 22:00 09 Jan 2006

Just thought i'd let you guys know.
I tried what you suggested and updated the driver , however I'm afraid to say it made it even worse. As a result I sent it too my local repair shop who tell me that it was the graphics card that was faulty. I have only just got it back today and at the moment it appears to be working ok. Time shall tell.

Thanks for everyones help and sorry for the delay in responding.

Thanks Dave

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