MASE 16:47 05 Jul 2003

I am wanting to up grade my PC. I have started by adding 256mb memory. Cpu suports Amd Duron socket A 600 and above & Amd Athlon socket A 900-1200 ghz. Memory is 100Mhz SDRAM & 133Mhz SDRAM. I have, unfortunatly, only two usb 1 ports and use a external 4 port device. Would it be possible to add internal usb ports [I thought another two] and is it possible to add a fire wire card. I appear to have two empty slots.
Grateful for any advise, I know its out there.

  Lú-tzé 17:24 05 Jul 2003

You can buy a 4 port USB PCI card for about £20 - it will fit into one of the empty slots.

A firewire card can go into the other slot; it might be worth having a look at the Audigy sound card from Creative which has excellent sound and a firewire port on it too.

  Gongoozler 17:29 05 Jul 2003

Hi MASE. You should have no problems fitting Firewire and USB cards to your computer. I found this Firewire card
click here and this USB card click here and this USB 2 USB2 card,
click here
but there are many more on the market. I wouldn't advise getting the cheapest usb cards, the better ones are more reliable. If you can, then I also think you would get better performance if you replaced your PC100 ram with PC133. The price is low enough now that this shouldn't be very expensive. The best memory is available post free from Crucial click here.

  MASE 17:41 05 Jul 2003

Thanks guys. I new you would do it. I will look up all these click here`s and investigate
Thanks again

  Gongoozler 18:07 05 Jul 2003

Hi Stan. One thing I didn't mention is that it is quite common for a motherboard to have a pair of usb headers in addition to the sockets on the back panel. If yours has these, then you can get a usb panel to fit in place of a front drive bay. I use one of these and find it very useful for downloading pictures from my digital camera. If you do go down this route though, be aware that there is no standard for the motherboard usb header, and you may have to remove the sockets on the cable and refit them in the right positions. click here

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