Upgrade from 95 to 98

  Locator 22:28 04 Feb 2003

I'm trying to upgrade the church computer to Windows 98 but it wont upgrade from the full version. Message says I need the upgrade version.
This makes sense but I can't find a copy anywhere.
Once again Microsoft weren't interested.

Can anyone help?

I live in hope!

  midase 22:42 04 Feb 2003

Go into windows explorer and find references to win.com and rename to win.com old and try again.

  Rtus 22:43 04 Feb 2003

if you have the w98 manual refer to page 25 upgrading from WIN95..
generally power up get into windows95 then put w98 cd into drive if the auto sequence doesnt start go to RUN CD\setup and enter ( CD denotes the letter of your drive )

  cream. 22:44 04 Feb 2003


Switch your computer on and keep tapping the delete key.

This will take you to the bios.

Pick the second option down, advanced cmos settings.

Now scroll down to the first boot option, change this to cdrom. Press the esc. key to return to main cmos screen.

Now move over to save settings and exit. Type y for this and enter.

Your computer will now reboot, make sure you have the win98 disk in the cdrom.

While booting it will come up with a screen with 3 options.

Pick the option to start computer with cdrom support and press enter.

It will further load to a flashing a:
Now at this you type a:\ sys c: and press enter.

It will then say system transfered.

If your cdrom drive used to be d it will now be e just for the installation. It will actually tell you your cdrom drive just before the flashing a:
You will have a flashing a:\ again.

Now type a:\ e:

this will now change to a flashing e:
Now type e:\ win98\setup and enter.

This will now start the installation.

Part way through this it will detect your old win95 files and give you the option to save system files. do this.

When the file loader gets to 100% it will reboot your computer. When it restarts press the delete key again to enter the bios. Now change your first boot to floppy. Save settings and exit.

The computer will reboot and finish loading 98.

  Rtus 22:50 04 Feb 2003

personally Id wipe the old and do clean install of W98 depending on system / hard drive size. Saving all document files that are needed for reinstalling later.

  Stuartli 00:10 05 Feb 2003

You will also need to visit the Microsoft Windows Update page to download around four years of updates, patches, DUN Update 1.4 etc....:-(

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