Upgrade to 8Mb problem - solved!

  Graham ® 18:25 14 May 2006

On Friday my ISP upgraded my BB to 8Mb. I knew they were about to do it, so I was not surprised when service was lost. However, when it came back I couldn't stay in sync., and assumed something was 'up'.

As Customer Services were announcing call waiting times in excess of 40 minutes, I was obliged to get up at 3 am Saturday to report the fault. I was told that BT didn't work at weekends, and it would be Monday before they even took a look.

So today, I sought out my trusty long extension lead and connected to the Master Socket's inner socket, thereby disconnecting all the extension wiring. It worked!

Took a couple of hours then to isolate the cause. Nothing was showing on my meter. Eventually, I found if one pair of wires in one cable was connected at one end only, that caused the fault. I used a spare pair in the same cable and the fault was cleared.

I surmise that the 'faulty' pair was able to carry 2Mb, but the insulation was breaking down at 8Mb!

  rmcqua 20:23 14 May 2006

Not insulation breakdown (voltages too low) but poor impedance matching and "return loss" performance on the faulty pair, which would show up more at 8Mb than at 2Mb. Same end result really. Glad you managed to fix it.

  Dipso 21:22 14 May 2006

I too discovered after being Max'd that my telephone extension wiring was very iffy to say the least and I had a faulty microfilter. Everything was working fine on 1Meg and 2Meg.

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