upgrade from 6gig to 10 will it take windows xp os

  nonowtatall 17:55 24 Sep 2006

I am putting together a computer for my grandaughter and have a lot of bits and pieces my old tower is a 6gig and i have a 10gig will it be astraight change over as they both have windows 98 se on them an i can remove a lot of progs she wont use or can i format and put XP in to bring her up to date i have looked at using both of the hd but dont think there is room i know 10gig does not sound a lot but it was in my day

  ade.h 17:59 24 Sep 2006

Your post is a bit hard to read so I am not entirely certain what you are asking. If you are questioning whether XP will fit happily on a 10GB drive, you need not worry; it will.

  nonowtatall 18:11 24 Sep 2006

thanks ade.h will i have much gig left after putting XP on

  Strawballs 18:14 24 Sep 2006

why not put them both in or you can get an 80gig one for less than £20 click here

  Strawballs 18:15 24 Sep 2006

XP takes about 1.5

  ade.h 18:17 24 Sep 2006

Roughly 70-80% before applications.

  ade.h 18:17 24 Sep 2006
  DieSse 14:27 26 Sep 2006

RAM is a major factor for running XP 256MB absolute minimum - 512 MB fine for almost all uses.

Less than 256MB - very creaky, possible if you switch to best performance in the Display Options (this removes performance eating visual effects.)

  Cymro. 15:38 26 Sep 2006

My computer has only 256 MB and Windows XP seems to work perfectly fine as far as I can see. Perhaps people who are more seriously in to computing would see it differently.

  DieSse 17:43 26 Sep 2006

I did say 256MB was OK - just that less becomes a problem - and the less there is the bigger the problem.

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