Upgrade to 64 bit ?

  Linkslade 20:07 19 Nov 2010

I have a Medion p6618 32bit with 4GB RAM 500GB HDD running Vista SP2. There is an option to install the 64bit disc to upgrade.

Would it be worthwhile doing this?
Any advice appreciated.

  c4rm0 20:13 19 Nov 2010

Yes as the 32bit version will only address around 3.5GB of Ram to use 4GB and more Ram you will need 64Bit

  961 20:22 19 Nov 2010


Don't do it unless the upgrade is to Windows 7, which I guess it isn't

You'll find no difference if you are still using Vista.

Just continue as you are. It's fine until you want a new computer

  hssutton 21:38 19 Nov 2010

Would you care to explain?

I've been using Vista Ultimate 64bit for quite some time and find it to be very benificial to have 8gb ram for my large photo files.

  Linkslade 21:52 19 Nov 2010

The upgrade would not be to Windows 7.

I don't want you out to fall out over this fellas. What I want to know is if I do it what would I gain?

  bremner 22:07 19 Nov 2010

The machine is capable of running 64 bit otherwise Medion would not have included the 64 bit Vista with the machine.

Not only will 64 bit let you use all 4GB of RAM it will also do so much more efficiently.

The problems associated with 64 bit are drivers for peripherals like printers and scanners.

You should check that there are 64 bit drivers available for your particular peripherals before deciding whether to upgrade.

You may have some trouble running very old programs if you have any but again the Compatibility mode in Vista 64 may take care of that.

All told if your peripherals have 64 bit drivers available then i would recommend upgrading to Vista 64.

  Linkslade 08:48 20 Nov 2010

Many thanks for your help fellas. I will check the availability of drivers for peripherals and take a decision from there.

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