lucozade9 23:48 01 Jul 2008

Im looking to upgrade my 3yr old pc slightly. Either the RAM or/and the graphics card. I dont play graphics intensive games however i have noticed that my system is underequipped to play some newer games even on the suggested minimum settings.

My current ram is 1gb of ddr2 200mhz. I understand this to be very slow and therefore could i buy a faster speed of ddr2 ram and remove the current ram for something such as 1 of these-

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My other option is to buy a new graphics card. My current card is a geoforce 256mb 6200 turbo cache. The turbo cache meaning however most of that 256mb is taken from the main system ram. It is a pci-express however i dont need anything fancy as i know it can result in system bottle necks.

My budget is about £50 overall although id rather spend less. My cpu spec is P4 3.4ghz with HT.

If i could buy some suitable ram and a graphics card for that price great but if its better to spend all that money on 1 thing and get a bigger improvement then i am happy to do that.

Thanks for the help

  ambra4 04:04 02 Jul 2008

Check the motherboard for the type of memory that it will support before you purchase

Go to Crucial and do a scan it will tell you the correct memory that you need to get

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  lucozade9 12:09 02 Jul 2008

Thanks for your response.

My motherboard is a "Asus puffer 2" according to my system info.

I have done the scan and it tells me my RAM type is DDR PC2-3200. It says £51 to add a further 2gb to what i currently have. Would i see much improvement between having 2gb and 3gb?

So now my question is would an extra 2gb of RAM or a £50 graphics card give me the biggest performance upgrade??

Thanks for the help

  lucozade9 12:16 02 Jul 2008

Just looking around there seems a huge difference in RAM price. Would this work its half the price per gb compared ro the Crucial and ive heard kingston are a decent make?

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