podlod 09:54 12 Apr 2007

Hi, can someone help me to the fact that I have been told to upgrade my Processor from 2gig AMD Athlon 64, because what i want to download needs something bigger. What do I need to upgrade, how and why, and how much will it approx cost. And what is the best item to upgrade it with? Thanks for any help.

  Fingees 10:10 12 Apr 2007

What do you wish to download?

The processor won't make any difference.

Somethings take longer than others, but they all download eventually.

The only thing that may not help, is if you are short on disk space, and/or memory.

  podlod 13:50 12 Apr 2007

Hi Fingees, I have enough space 15.2gb C drive, 242gb E drive, 232gb F drive, But I am not sure where to go to tell you if I have enough memory, could you please tell me how to get there, Thank you

  podlod 13:51 12 Apr 2007

Sorry Fingee, the above is all free space.

  jack 13:55 12 Apr 2007

I think you have been led up the garden a little, by who ever advised you to 'upgrade' unless you are not telling us the full story.
The best thing to do is to attempt to down load what ever it is you wish to get hold of - then come and tell us about what results you were getting.

  Technotiger 14:03 12 Apr 2007

To find out what memory you have, right-click on My Computer and then choose Properties, on the first window that then opens you will see your memory (RAM) in the bottom right-hand side of the window.

  Technotiger 14:08 12 Apr 2007

I have downloaded items up to about 250Mb without problems and could easily download much bigger than that. As already said CPU has no relevance to size of downloads.

  podlod 16:59 12 Apr 2007

Hi, I want to thank everybody advising me on this prob. First of all I have a AMD ATHLON 64x2 dual core PC 3800, with 2.01ghz. 2.00gb of ram.
It was a game called Oblivion, and when I managed to download and open the game, the game played ok but the character kept freezing for a split second when he moves all the time, and every half hour approx the screen went black and I had to restart my PC again to restart the game? this is the only game it does it to.
The computer chap said you may need more memory? I welcome any help, thank you.

  podlod 17:00 12 Apr 2007

Oh and I forgot to tell you I have Nvidia Geforce 7800 graphics.

  jack 22:17 12 Apr 2007

A perfectly usable system it seems to me
The graphics card is all important I am lead to believe for gaming, especially its own on board memory.
I am sure other gamers will be able to advise better.
Gaming is not my thing.

  Technotiger 22:44 12 Apr 2007

Hi, I agree with Jack, your spec certainly seems ok. I would think that perhaps you have a over-heating problem, is your pc dust free and clean inside, fans all clean and spinning as they should. Is your pc in a good location with plenty of space all around for good air flow. I hate to see towers on the bottom and below a computer desk/work station, usually aggravated by being in the corner of a room and surrounded by cables and other stuff.

The only other possible thing could be your PSU, is it up to the job - you probably need at least a good quality 500w. How old is your PSU and is it too, free from dust etc possibly clogging up the fans.

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