Robotic_Rob 20:51 21 Jan 2007


I'm thinking of upgrading my computer. Does anybody have any suggestions?

At the minute i have.
Motherboard - Abit Max3 IC7
Processor - P4 2.8Ghz HT
Ram - 1GB
Graphics - Geforce 4 4200 TI
HDD - 2x 120GB and 1x 160GB

  sean-278262 21:18 21 Jan 2007

Being brutally honest here. I advise you sell off the machine as it is in its parts form and just buy a new one. The processor isnt that desirable these days nor the graphics card. Plus it is next to impossible to find a AGP graphics card these days. The card you have is about 4-5 years old and with PCI-e it is pointless to upgrade as the improvement would only be seen in spending a lot of money on second hand parts as new ones are hard to come by and not worth the money.

You can get a pretty decent dual core system these days for £500, the parts you have already are probably worth about £100 in total minus the hard drives. So thats £100 you could spend to getting a good graphics card on another system.

Keep it,I use a p4 3.04 1gb with a combo of 260gb hdds ,2 dvd writers and a agp 256mb card,I do a lot of videio and office and the computer still works well even with 3 users.I 've upgrade the screen to a tft 19" but apart from an addition of a card reader or a better tv card,I will not change the compuer till it blows.

  Robotic_Rob 21:25 21 Jan 2007

Do u have any recommendations for parts?

That is what i was thinking. Getting near enough a new machine. Apart from things i want to keep, eg. case, dvd drive, hdds etc.

  sean-278262 21:30 21 Jan 2007

If a new PC is what you want then I would look at either the equivalent intel or the AMD 3700x2. Motherboards is your own choice really, some have better sound offerings others more USB ports, so best you take a look there and suggest for advice once you find one you like. Ram wise get something decent and sell the old stuff. You will probably have to get a new copy of XP as the old one will be void if it is OEM (Read the sticker to find out).

If you dont have a DL DVD-re then now would be a good time to get one. Graphics wise a 7800 is a pretty nice GFX as is the ATI x1950 card. However it depends what you want to do with the PC and how much you want to throw at it.

Any chance of a max budget and what your planned uses for the PC are?

  ed-0 21:32 21 Jan 2007

the dogs dangley bits for a modest sum. click here

better, but not for an extra £200. click here. You'd be better off spending a bit of the extra on a PCI-E graphics card.

  Robotic_Rob 21:39 21 Jan 2007

The max amount of money i want to spend is £500-£600

I want to use it for general home computer use as well the ability of playing up to date games.

  keef66 11:54 22 Jan 2007

go for the core 2 duo E6300 and get a 7600GT graphics card for it. All you then need is a hard drive, DVD drive, and windows XP oem.

  Robotic_Rob 00:02 23 Jan 2007

for those Intel core 2 duo, whats an average speed? whats a good speed? and whats the fastest speed knocking about?

Because i prefer a good old Intel over an amd any day.

  keef66 10:56 23 Jan 2007

According to Tom's Hardware the humble E6300 is immensely overclockable.

click here

The E6300 and E6400 have less memory than the E6600, but if you go for the E6600 you're going to blow your budget

I's stick with the 6300 and overclock it a bit.

Don't get hung up on clock speeds; look at the cpu benchmarks in Tom's Hardware to see how fast the dual cores are in terms of real world performance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:08 23 Jan 2007

If those old hard rives are 5400rpm models they will be a serious bottleneck in your upgraded system. Don't overlook hard drive performance when upgrading.

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