upgrade from 2000pro to XP pro - worth it?

  second best 01:36 05 May 2003

hi, as the title suggest. i have used xp in the past but something went wrong and had to format my drive. probalby due to my error and impatience on my part. anyway, i have xp here, so i'm concidering upgrading. can i do it ontop of 2000pro, and is it worth it?

  Djohn 02:17 05 May 2003

Hi, haven't used 2000, I jumped from 98se to XP Pro. and I love it! Big improvement. Now I've found my way round the system, it's a joy to use.

Had it running for about five weeks now and not a single problem, (Did a format two days back, for a unrelated reason). Clean install each time, rather than overwrite. Personally I think it's the best way, but many others have done an up-grade with no problems.

Taking in to account the above, I never had any problems with 98se either, so would not recommend an up-grade just to solve problems with your sys. If you do have any conflicts at the moment, then I think you will find they will pass on to the new O/S.

If your sys. is stable and working fine, then why not give it a try, as you say, you already have it. Good luck with the install. J.

  temp003 03:36 05 May 2003

Most people are very happy with XP pro (or home for that matter). But then you may be very happy with w2k, as I am.

As you may know, the main advantage of XP over 9x series is its stability, inherited from NT and 2000 versions, which w2k pro already has. w2k pro may even have a slight edge here, if only because it's an older OS and hence most bugs of w2k have been cured, which may explain your previous problem with XP. But XP Pro is bound to be stable enough for most computers.

I've not used XP, so no personal experience from me. As to advantages of XP pro over w2k on paper, w2k can do most of what XP pro can do, especially in terms of security and networking features, though some things may be more user-friendly in XP.

XP Pro has Remote Desktop (an improvement from w2k's Terminal Services), if you want to access another computer remotely from an XP pro machine.

Other things are System Restore, Driver Rollback, built-in CD burning, Movie Maker, fast user switching (a resource hogger though), shorter boot-up time, built-in firewall. There are some features in Windows Media Player 9 (a separate download) which are only available in XP. XP's Messenger is supposed to be an improvement on or sort of combination of NetMeeting and MSN Messenger. Mainly bells and whistles which, if you need them at all, are a bit limited and are better done with dedicated software which you probably have anyway, like firewall, CD burning software, GoBack.

A slight niggle with XP is it does not include the open source java support (MS has its own version). It was available as a download, then it was taken off, then it was included in SP1, then it was taken off again in SP1a. But you can always download Sun's version (probably not necessary if you use the upgrade path).

If you hadn't already bought XP Pro, I would have suggested you stay put, and wait for XP Pro to mature, or even for Longhorn to be released (but still a long way to go). But since you've got it already, why not try it again, and tell us what you think.

Yes, you can use the upgrade path from w2k pro to xp pro. But if I were you, I would have a fresh copy of XP pro, either by reformatting w2k, or by creating a dual boot and installing XP pro on a separate partition.

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